Top 6 Best earbuds for working out – October 2016

There are a million headphones out there and you may have a cool set of earphones that you use at home but they might not be the best choice when working out. When your lifting weights or doing cardio, you need a dependable pair of headsets which will isolate outside sound and will give you excellent quality.

The problem with most headsets is that they fall of or become loose, and that is a major bummer for anyone who is serious about training and exercise. So when it comes to choosing earbuds meant to be used to working out you should focus on finding a pair that fits your ears and stays in place. A part from that there are many other factors to consider when buying the best headphone, things like audio quality, durability, flexibility, comfort, and price should be your priority when buying any type of headphone. So follow along when we’ll show you the best earbuds for working out.

Yurbuds Inspire

Yurbuds-inspireSo you need a headphone that fits well and doesn’t fall out? Well the Yurbuds Inspire is an excellent headphone to have. It sounds great and the best part is that you don’t have to spend a ton of money. Yurbuds feature their patented “TwistLock” technology, with which the company ensures that your in-ear headphones will never fall out, even while you’re running, working out, doing aerobics, lifting or whatever. They’re also designed to allow in a little more ambient noise than other models, so you’re still aware of your surroundings while you’re biking or jogging.

You will not experience the burning sensation that you feel with most headphones, of course when you sweat and when your running, you don’t need that burning feeling in your ears, you already have a lot to worry you don’t get that burning feeling of having something stuck in your ears too long) and sweat and water resistant, so a strenuous workout doesn’t mean you have to dry out your headphones too.



Some time alone. Headphones on. World off…

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Bose IE2 In-Ear Headphones(updated version)


In July of 2016, the earlier version of Boss SoundSport earbuds was suspended after users complained of issues to do with heavy sweat. Months later, it was updated and it seems to be way better. Of the many things you will be excited to know about this earbuds, built quality, quality sound and comfort will dominate your list.

With its open design, you won’t end up sealing your ear canal. In fact, with the help of its StayHear+ ear tips feature( which comes in three sizes- small, medium and large), the earpiece will fit loosely in your ear and at the same time be held securely in place. In place of a feature that allows you to adjust the cord length, the earpiece has a clip that you can hook onto your shirt to keep the cord from flopping about.

Of course this earpiece is resistant to sweat and water and also packs an incline mic together with a remote that allows you to skip songs, make and receive calls and also adjust the volume.



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SoundPEATS Wireless Earbuds


It’s not everyday you hear of an earpiece that is in the hands of well over a million users. SoundPEATS has sold over a million pieces, a fact that easily puts it as a favorite Bluetooth earpiece to most people.

With its small, medium and large ear tips, any person can use them comfortably and this is further enhanced by the inclusion of different ear hooks that guarantee comfort to anyone using them. You will actually never go through the pain of seeing your earbuds fall off every time you are working out. On top of that, they are lightweight, they carry a long lasting battery, they are resistant to sweat and water, and boast of an advanced Bluetooth technology. What’s more, you won’t break your bank trying to own them.



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Jaybird BlueBuds X2


Jaybird X2 is a sequel of Jaybird Bluebird X1. Unlike its predecessor, the X2 model takes the cake on all fronts, right from the sound quality and design to durability, comfort and flexibility. Ever since they started out making wireless headphone, Jaybird has been the brand to beat.

On top of being sweat-proof, the X2 has a tough build quality, compact design, and a matte finish that gives it a classic look. In addition, the earbuds pack unique ear fins that assist the earbuds to firmly stay in the ear when you exercise. What’s more, you won’t go through the pain of dealing with an annoying cord milling about your neck when you use this earpiece.

Just like its predecessor, the Jaybird Bluebird X1, this particular model also carries on the legacy of a premium quality sound and higher battery capacity.


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DecibullzThis is the answer to your prayers if you have not been able to find a headphone that fits your needs; it stays it in place when you are working out and gives an awesome sound quality.

They also have custom molded ear tips which are designed to give you a snug fit. They are sold at a very reasonable price and are not one of those headphones which will lose its quality after extended periods of rough use.



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Motorola S10-HD

MotorolaS10-HDThe Motorola S10-HD Bluetooth wireless headphones put the Bluetooth radio, battery, and other electronics in a firm band that goes around the back of your neck while you wear them, and fits snugly to your head. You can use it with your smart phone and take calls as well.

These babies are sweat proof and feature excellent quality sound with easy ear and volume controls, additionally, you will 8 hours of play time before you will need to recharge the battery. And, they only weigh 1.5 ounces, neat huh?


Regardless of which ever headphone you might choose, you will have only one thing in mind – they should not fall out! Which ones are your picks, tell us in the comments.