Top 5 Best Gaming Laptops under $700 – November 2016 Edition

Gaming laptops are not just designed for gaming purposes but can also be used in school, office and home to do assignments. It can also be used for social media activities and for other different purposes. Gaming laptops are generally expensive due to their high quality and high performance demands. However, price can never be a limit when going for the good stuff in the market. This is because there are also those gaming laptops in the market that are affordable, here we will show the best gaming laptops under $700. You could also have a look at our list of gaming laptops under $500 for more budget alternatives.

Buying a gaming laptop will require you to consider several important things. These include: the processor, RAM, display size, battery life, hard drive, design, among other things depending on your needs as a buyer. A good gaming laptop should have a very good processing speed. It should also have a fairly large screen, to guarantee enjoyment of the game, which in most instances is around 15 to 17 inches. You cannot always find all the elements you need in one laptop, you therefore have to choose one which best suits your needs.

To make your hunt for the best gaming laptop which is under seven hundred dollars easy, we have compiled a list to help you through your search.

Asus X555LB-NS51 Best gaming laptop under $700

Asus X555

Asus X555LB-NS51 is a lightweight and sleek gaming laptop which will cost you only $669.95. For those gamers tired of slow laptops, this is a solution for them because it is reasonably fast. It has a good performance given that it uses i5-5200U processor with a clock speed of 2.2 GHz. It therefore can run quite a number of pc games and applications without any issues. It has an Nvidia GeForce 940M graphics card to allow many games to run at medium to high settings efficiently.

Its RAM is 8GB while its hard disk drive is 750GB. Extra memory can be added externally using USB ports. Its screen is 15.6 inches LED backlight with 1080p display which provides better display of the games.

This laptop has a very good battery performance which lasts for about six hours. it does not heat up  like other laptops due to the fact that it has a good cooling system. It comes with a Windows 8.1 operating system which can be upgraded to Windows 10, software believed by the techno gurus to be the best operating system for gaming laptops.

Its sounds system is just awesome and it has a couple of speakers which gives out good and high quality sounds.


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Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Series


Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Series offers a solid gaming experience at a very affordable price.  The 15-6 inch screen display has a 1920 x 1080 resolution fitted with anti-glare properties. These anti-glare properties help you to watch a game without too much distracting light reflections in brightly lit rooms. For those who love matte display, you might want to consider this laptop with regard to its other features.

This laptop has Intel Core i5-6300HQ processor which provides a high performance for gaming tasks. This processor combined with Nvidia GeForce GTX 960M graphics card provides a high quality gaming performance for the laptop. Its graphics card enables it to handle a good number of modern and demanding games. Its RAM is 12GB and its hard disk drive is one terabyte, adequate storage to take care of your storage needs. Its operating system is Windows 10 which provides a fast gaming experience.

It has crisp audio and impressive soundstage. It has loudspeakers and built-in subwoofers for a greater sound appeal games and videos.  To have this laptop, you need $689 only.


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HP Envy 15T

HP Envy 15T

HP Envy 15T I7-4710H is one of the best gaming laptops, costing $690. This laptop is a gaming powerhouse, being more of a desktop replacement. Having a quad core Intel Core processor i7-4700MQ CPU, combined with a very powerful Intel graphics card (Intel HD 4600 graphics card) makes it a multimedia powerhouse which is capable of running modern and heavy games or applications at both low settings and screen resolutions.

Its RAM is 8GB and has a hard disk drive of one terabyte that provides maximum storage capacity for the laptop.  The 8GB RAM is pre-installed on a single stick. This enables you as a gamer to easily upgrade it to 16GB if need arises. It uses Windows 8 operating system which can be upgraded to Windows 10 for free.

It has a 15.6 inch touch screen. Touch screen enables you to send commands to the computer and ultimately to the game. Its screen resolution is 1080 display pixels which is ideal for games display. Its screen is matte, enabling one to conveniently play games even in brightly lit rooms.

It has BeatsAudio, in concert with dual speakers  and a subwoofer that are pretty good as they deliver crisp and clear tunes, giving you awesome audio experience. These speakers provide good sound effects enabling you to enjoy the game.


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Lenovo IdeaPad Y500

Lenovo IdeaPad Y500

Lenovo IdeaPad Y500 is a solid-performing gaming laptop whose screen is 15.6-inch. It comes with an already installed Windows 10 operating system.  Windows 10 is one of the best operating systems for gaming laptops because its performance is terribly fast in a pleasant way.

The graphics capability of this laptop is amazing.  One of the impressive features of this laptop is that it has two Nvidia GeForce GT 650M graphics cards under the hood. It also has Ultrabay, a swappable drive bay that helps you as a gamer add the second graphics card or a hard disk drive to enhance performance.  This Ultrabay technology enables the Lenovo Idea pad Y500 to be equipped with an optical drive, an extra second GPU, an auxillary fan to facilitate cool and an extra hard disk drive.

The laptop has a 2.4 GHz Core i7 -3630QM processor which is future proof and gives it a high performance especially in graphics-intensive tasks and gaming. This processor has the Turbo Boost technology which lifts the clock above the default rate during load.  High performance is facilitated by the second Nvidia GeForce GT 650M added in the Ultrabay. For gamers, two Nvidia GeForce GT 650M is an appealing option.

The laptop has a 16GB RAM and a one terabyte hard disk drive which efficiently covers your storage requirements. Its screen is one of the best components of this laptop. It is big and bright. Its off-axis viewing angles are amazing when playing games. Its full HD resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels enables high motion content look more than excellent in the playback.

It has a very good audio system. It uses Realtek HD speakers positioned above the keyboard on the right and left side of the chassis. This versatile laptop is very affordable costing as low as $675.

All the above features make Lenovo IdeaPad Y500 powerful, stylish and flexible. It is look sharp, well-made and quite reasonably priced.


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Lenovo Y700 – 80NY0006US Carrizo AMD FX

Lenovo Y700

Lenovo Y700 – 80NY0006US laptop is impressive for gaming. It gives a faster gaming experience with its AMD FX-8800P Carrizo quad core processor. This processor, which is one of the best AMD processor for gaming, provides a high power to run many games without any problems. Its processor is incorporated with 4GB GDDRS AMD Radeon R9 M380 graphics card.  The most appealing thing about AMD FX-8800P Carrizo quad core processor is that it is designed to handle graphic intensive applications which include games and videos. The 4GB memory in the AMD Radeon Graphics card enables the system to handle most modern games and applications without any lags.

This gaming laptop also comes with a 15.6 inch LED screen of 1920 x 1080 display resolution which displays great brightness and color definition, enabling a gamer to get an amazing experience while playing games. The screen is anti-glare, enabling one to have an enhanced view in a brightly lit room. For those who love matte- screened gaming laptops, with consideration of all its features, this machine should be in your shopping carts already.

Its JBL stereo speakers and Dolby Home Theatre technology ensures that the laptop delivers a crisp and amazing audio sounds. Its bass is impressive.

The laptop’s design comes with combination of red ascent and black chassis. It is well constructed and perfect for you when travelling. It has a comfortable full sized keyboard that comes with red backliting and chicklet-spaced keys, making it soft to touch and easy to use for gaming command.

It has 8GB RAM and a hard disk drive of one terabyte which is an excellent storage capacity for a gaming laptop. It is of high performance especially when it comes to gaming. However its major disadvantage is that it takes up a lot of power and tends to radiate heat. Hence gets a little warmer when one is gaming. It goes for around $600.



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