Best Mechanical Keyboards Under $100

Mechanical keyboards are surprisingly great and anyone who’s used them admits it. But to the majority who are yet to lay their hands on it, one thing might discourage you: the price. Keyboard manufacturers continue to push the innovation put into these keyboards to new levels and the resulting competition is what keeps the prices high. We understand that you would still want to own these type of keyboard and we’ve made this even better for you by identifying the best mechanical keyboard under $100.

So put away the thought that you would have to break the bank in order to own a quality mechanical keyboard. Thanks to increasing technology, you can still land yourself a high-quality mechanical gaming keyboard while on a budget. You can even enhance your gaming experience further by topping it up with one of the best RAMs for gaming.

Forget the belief that all cheap mechanical keyboards aren’t worth the money because our list is based on tests done by avid pc users including gamers, in addition to consumer reviews.

But before we let you in on our selection, there are a number of things you must know before proceeding to make your purchase.

Things to Consider Before Buying a mechanical keyboard

Switch type

The majority of the mechanical keyboards you will be presented with will come in different styles defined by switch types. Cherry is the industry’s standard and if you wish to have a keyboard that comes complete with genuine Cherry MX switches, you will have three options to choose from:

Red switch- It’s commonly used by avid gamers and design-wise, it’s linear with no tactile bump or anything similar.

Blue switch – A little stiffer than the aforementioned red switch and usually has an extremely audible tactile feedback. It’s ideal for those who like to type a lot.

Brown switch – A brown switch is a blend of red and blue switches. It has an audible tactile feedback, in addition to being a little lighter than the red switch.

Apart from Cherry switches, there are plenty of other switches from different companies. Common ones include the Romer G switch, the Kailh switch, and the Cooler Master’s hybrid switch.

Always undertake enough research to determine which switch will match well with your specific needs.

Keyboard backlight

With mechanical keyboards, you have the option to pick between different solid colours such as white or red. Most people prefer an RGB backlit keyboard for the reasons that RGB is a trusted brand everyone wants to be associated with.

An RGB backlit keyboard will let you have plenty of customizable colour options with the only downside being you will have to part with a reasonable amount of money.

Keyboard size

Mechanical keyboards come in different sizes and the right one will depend on among other things, your personal preferences. A full sized mechanical keyboard is ideal for those who have plenty of desk space.

But if you have every reason to require a smaller keyboard, then a TKL keyboard will be ideal for you.  Other small options include the 75%, the 65% and the 60% layout.

Customer reviews

By checking out what other customers have to say about a particular mechanical keyboard, you will be more informed of its potential, advantages, weaknesses, and other important factors.

Worth to mention is that mechanical keyboards are superior in many ways and they include:

  • Longer lifespan
  • Very responsive
  • Unmatched quality that doesn’t wear out
  • Unlimited customization

With all of these in mind, now it’s time to get down to the listing. So check out what we have for you:

Corsair STRAFE Mechanical Keyboard

Corsair Strafe mechanical keyboard has just about anything an excellent keyboard of its kind should have. From multiple Cherry MX switch options to RGB backlit keyboard to responsive keys, Corsair strafe doesn’t disappoint.

TO make it rigid enough, the keyboard has been made out of top quality plastic and so no matter how hard you try to flex it, it will never bow to your efforts. The keycaps are simple and textured and in addition to that, you will also have a plastic keycap puller.

Whether you want it for gaming or typing purposes, this keyboard can match up to your best expectations. You can also adjust the lighting on each key as you please since they are individually lit. Lack of dedicated macro keys also means you can set them yourself on the existing keyboard.

Extra features include a USB pass through port and gaming grade circuitry. At its price, Corsair strafe comes off as one of the well-priced high-quality mechanical keyboards.


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CM Storm QuickFire Rapid

CM Storm is one of Cooler Master’s top tenkeyless mechanical keyboard with a load of features enough to win over any avid gamer or serious PC user. It utilizes a selection of Cherry MX switches: red, green, brown and blue plus a Windows key that automatically disables when you switch to game mode.

Part of its package includes a batch of replaceable key caps which could be really helpful when you want to highlight certain keys. By making them stand out, you will have an easier time locating them.

Also worth to mention is that the keyboard adopts a minimalistic design which makes it more portable yet solid enough to endure mild punishment.  Other outstanding features include a removable braided USB cable and laser-marked key caps.

For its price, CM Storm offers really great value for money.


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G.SKILL RIPJAWS KM780R MX Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

G.Skill’s mechanical keyboard comes loaded with almost all the solid features you will find in a higher end mechanical keyboard. Whether it’s an aluminium chassis, wrist rest, dedicated media buttons or macro keys, this keyboard bears them all.

Best of all, this full-sized keyboard makes use of genuine Cherry MX switches for gaming and typing, in addition to extremely responsive keys that make its performance stellar.  Its brushed aluminium chassis gives it a great look and feel.

If you are a serious gamer, you will fall in love with its custom keycaps specially designed for gaming and its solid red backlit lighting. Another impressive feature is the media control panel. From here, you can control volume functions.

The keyboard also comes with USB 2.0 pass through port, audio jacks, mouse cable holder, on board profile storage and a lot of other features that make it seem too good for that little price.

All you have to do is try this affordable and high-quality keyboard out and see everything for yourself


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Razer BlackWidow

Razer BlackWidow prides in having its own custom mechanical switches that have been designed right from the ground up with the sole aim of refining its speed and responsiveness. The great advantage these mechanical switches have is their consistent tactile feedback plus delightful clicks with every other key press.

In addition, those particular switches are rated for 80-million strokes. Add to that a two-year warranty and you have a product that is destined to serve you for the long term.

Extra features include a 10-key rollover, USB port, audio jack, microphone jack plus integrated media controls.  Initially, you wouldn’t be able to lay hands on such keyboard with features that BlackWidow has but this isn’t the case any longer. Get yourself one today.


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Tt eSPORTS Poseidon ZX

Design-wise, Tt eSPORTS Poseidon ZX is almost unmatched. You have to look at it to believe but the image above could as well give you a glimpse of what to expect.  It gives you a choice between two switches: blue and brown. These switches guarantee great durability and speed in addition to audible click feedback and a tactile feel.

Since it’s a fully backlit keyboard, expect an LED under every cap and up to four levels of adjustable brightness. All of these features combine to make it visually appealing. The keyboard is also tenkeyless and that makes it a perfect choice for any person who looks to do a lot of typing or travelling.

Extra features include accessible media keys, and a five-year warranty. Tt eSPORTS Poseidon ZX is easily the best buy you will find in this price category. With multiple switch options, greater build quality and excellent tactile response, expect to get great value for your money.


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Redragon K551 VARA

Redragon K551 is another well priced mechanical keyboard packed with plenty of features that easily make it stand out from its counterparts. Being backlit means you can game with it in almost any environment. Each of the keys on this keyboard gives excellent feedback not too loud enough to distract you. Actually, the majority of people find the keys convenient due to their medium resistance, tactile feedback, and audible click sound.

More important to note is that it comprises custom mechanical switches that work as good as genuine Cherry MX switches. These custom switches are designed for durability, responsiveness, and longevity.

Build quality was also done to great standards. The keyboard can take a thorough beating without succumbing to it and it also has plenty of other extra features such as gold plated USB connectors, a splash resistant design, 12 multimedia control keys, and a lot more.

Every coin spent on this keyboard is worth the investment. You will never regret.


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Qisan Mechanical Wired Keyboard

It may not be so mainstream but Qisan keyboard is another well priced mechanical keyboard you will be glad to own. Design-wise, it comprises a thick aluminium back-plate with its bottom made out of strong plastic. So expect it to endure tough punishments. You will also find it easy to clean them as the aluminium won’t collect much dust.

The keyboard is available in different switch types but sticking with Cherry MX version is always recommended.  Presence of ABS keycaps makes the backlighting to be brighter and when you combine that with its brushed metal plate, you end up with an incredibly stunning keyboard.

Also, the two foldable feet underneath the keyboard plus the rubber pads enhance its stability while in use. For those looking for a travel companion or a keyboard that would fit well into your medium desk or workstation, look no further than the Qisan Mechanical Wired Keyboard.

Other features include a detachable USB cable and powerful media controls. Get one for yourself today.


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Logitech  G710 Blue Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

What sets Qisan Gaming Keyboard Mechanical apart from its counterparts is the amount of features it harbours, From the Cherry MX Brown switches to dedicated media keys to powerful gaming keys, this keyboard has everything an avid gamer needs.

Starting off with the Cherry Brown Switches, they are available in blue and brown and are able to deliver remarkable responsiveness coupled with high-speed tactile feedback. Another unique feature is the adjustable dual-zone backlighting. With this feature, you can independently set the brightness of the WASD/arrow keys and distinguish from the rest of the keyboard.

The dedicated media keys will assist you to perform a host of audio functions without logging off from your game. Extra features include a USB pass-through port, wrist rest, and a white LED backlighting that you can configure to selectively illuminate your gaming keys.


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SteelSeries Apex M500 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

SteelSeries has earned itself a great reputation, thanks to their series of high-quality gaming keyboards. As you would guess, the Apex M500 doesn’t disappoint either. With its genuine Cheery MX red switches and blue backlighting, no gamer would want to miss out on it.

The built quality and design are all simple and functional. Nothing fancy or extravagant and strangely, the majority of the people love the keyboard for that.  Its red switches aren’t just linear but and also require less actuation force and are so friendly to the avid gamer.

Its keycaps work incredibly well with the key switches to give the user an incredible typing experience. Apex M500 doesn’t have plenty of extra features that you would find in its counterparts. Instead, all the investment has been dedicated to enhancing its longevity and performance.


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Azio MGK1-K  Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Azio may sound new to many but their excellence in delivering cheaper quality mechanical keyboards is unmatched.  The MGK1-K utilizes custom kaihl switches. Even though they are Cherry clones, their performance isn’t any lesser compared to the genuine product.

Its design comprises anodized, brushed aluminium and high-quality plastic. The two combine to give it excellent built quality. In addition to that, you have a braided USB cable, a detachable keyboard wrist, and a volume wheel all of which combine to enhance its functionality.

Just like it is with Cherry MX switches, its custom switches feel a little tactile and possess a great audible feel as well. They also have an actuation point similar to that of Cherry. So expect a performance as excellent as you would get from cherry switches.

It also has amazing keycaps and other extra features such as white backlighting, windows key lock, braided 6ft cable and a lot more. Nearly all the essential features you would want out of a quality mechanical keyboard can be found in Azio MGK1-K.


Final Thoughts

Getting an affordable mechanical keyboard with superb features and the potential for greater performance should no longer be your most dreaded challenge. You will easily find the best match in our list of the best mechanical keyboards under $100. Remember to put into consideration the tips we mentioned earlier.

If you found this guide helpful and you would like to share your thoughts please leave a comment below. You can as well help other people learn about our selections by sharing the post.