Best RAM for Gaming – The Ultimate Toplist for gaming memory in 2018

Gaming on PC is fun, no doubt about that, and one of the things that’s going to determine whether you have fun at it or not is the RAM or if you like the memory. Perhaps your want to give your PC an upgrade or set up a new gaming rig, the RAM counts among the components that matter most.

Let’s admit it, lag is a dreaded monster in gaming but to tame it one of the things you need is a top-performing memory. Standard memory could do well with standard tasks but that’s not what a gamer needs. That’s why we created this guide to help you find the best gaming RAM.

Being a technical component, you’ll have to know your way around things such as RAM channels, CAS latency, cooling, clock speeds, and honestly speaking, this can get a little overwhelming.  Not to mention that you will want to know how much RAM is needed for gaming.

But all of that should become much clearer after reading this guide. So read on to discover and learn more about the best RAM for gaming.

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Our Top Picks for the best RAM for Gaming

RAM Type Size Speed
G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series DDR3 8 GB 1600 MHz
Corsair Vengeance Pro DDR3 16 GB 2400 MHz
Kingston HyperX Fury Black DDR4 8 GB 2133 MHz
Ballistix Sport DDR3 8 GB 1600 MHz
Patriot Viper 3 Series DDR3 8 GB 1600 MHz
PNY Anarchy DDR4 8GB 2400 MHz

1. G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 8GB

G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 8GB

G.Skill is a favorite among system builders and it’s for good reasons. Their Ripjaws kit are the least expensive and are built to fit the dual chipsets. Besides being fast, this RAM is easy to install and will swiftly solve crashing problems. It’s also fairly priced and given that it’s a product from G.Skill, expect it to have lifetime warranty.

Technical specs:

  • Size: 8GB
  • Speed: 1600 MHz
  • CAS Latency: 9
  • Voltage: 1.5 V
  • Timing: 9-9-9-24-2N
  • Type: DDR3

2. Corsair Vengeance Pro DDR3 2400MHz 16GB

Termed the king of multi-tasking, this RAM has an impressiveness that cuts across all fronts, from speed to capacity to voltage and even CAS latency. With a 16GB capacity, expect nothing but blazing speeds.

It boasts the perfect ram speed for gaming (2400 MHz) and what this means is that besides playing your game, you can as well go on with other tasks that utilize the RAM.

Away from the speed, another thing you will like about it is that it’s remarkably stable and so expect no lags. So you are going to save a lot of time on tasks and more importantly, complete them efficiency

Technical Specs:

  • Size: 16GB (2 X8GB)
  • Speed: 2400 MHz
  • Timing: 11-13-13-31
  • CAS Latency: 11
  • Voltage: 1.65 V
  • Type: DDR3

3. Kingston HyperX Fury Black 8GB

For all the years they have been in existence, Kingston have built a name for themselves as the gaming RAM manufacturers to beat. Almost all their products exceed expectations and this newly out Hyper X series, a brand dedicated to gaming enthusiasts is no different.

Well, it may not be cheap but the value you get is excellent. Its speed has been capped at 2133 MHz which is the lowest available speed for DDR4 RAMs but make no mistake about its performance. In fact, multiple tests have proven that higher speed RAM amount to very little as far as PC gaming is concerned.

Key features include automatic overclocking, a signature stylish heat spreader, lifetime warranty, and the plug-and-play functionality. It’s optimized for Intel’s X99 and 100 series chipsets.

Key Specs:

  • Size: 8 GB
  • Speed: 2133 MHz
  • CAS Latency: 15
  • Voltage: 1.2 V
  • Timing: 15-15-15
  • Type: DDR4

Note that this RAM is part of four 8GB memory modules that amount to 32GB.

4. Ballistix Sport 8GB Kit

Ballistix Sport is a reputable and trusted brand from Crucial and all through years, the brand has always had a fair price compared to its competitors.  Not to mention that they always meet industry standard specifications.

Thanks to the aluminum heat spreaders, heat around the system will be well distributed and this will ensure your system never succumbs to overheating. If you are actually out to find a well-priced DDR3 kit to use to upgrade your PC, this kit is a perfect fit. In fact, it’s the recommended RAM for gaming for those with budget builds.

Before you start to use it, just ensure your computer bios is adjusted.

Tech Specs:

  • Size: 8 GB
  • Speed: 1600 MHz
  • CAS Latency: 9
  • Voltage: 1.5 V
  • Timing: 9-9-9-24
  • Type: DDR3

Note that this RAM is part of a 2-32GB kit.

5. Patriot Viper 3 Series

Designed to offer solid performance, this RAM meets almost every gamer’s needs. It utilizes top-grade ICs and before they released it into the market, it was subjected to extensive tests juts to ensure that it meets the expectations of the user.

For this particular brand, which is available in both dual and quad channel kits as well as in high capacity single DIMM modules, speed ranges from 1600 MHz all the way to 2400MHz which is a perfect ram speed for gaming. In between you’ll find speeds of 1866 MHz and 2133MHz.

To ensure stability, the RAM utilizes a tailor-made high-performance heat shield and it’s the superior heat dissipation that ensures the RAM is also reliable. A vented top also lets in air and this allows for a smooth performance.

Also worth mentioning is the lifetime warranty and excellent customer support the company offers.

Technical Specs:

  • Size: 8 -32GB
  • Speed: 1600-2400MHz
  • CAS Latency: Based on model
  • Voltage: 1.5 -1.65V
  • Timing: Based on the model.
  • Type: DDR3

6. PNY Anarchy

You may not have heard of them but PNY has been in existence for quite some time and over this period, they have had tremendous success, thanks to their solid memory kits.

Besides being priced fairly, if you focus is on function and style, then their kits are sure to leave you satisfied. Aesthetically, they come decorated in black with scents of blue and their kit range between 4 -16 GB. Expect remarkable in-class speeds as well as bandwidths, lower power consumption, and latency.

On top of that they are also reliable and stable, thanks to their combination of tightly screened components, advanced thermal performance, and Select ICs.

Tech Specs:

  • Size: 4 -16GB
  • Speed: 2400MHz
  • CAS Latency: CL 15
  • Voltage: 1.2V
  • Type: DDR4

What Does Ram Do For Gaming

Computer memory or RAM (Random Access Memory) is the component of a computer that offers space for data or other important information that can be accessed by the Central Processing Unit. Soon as you launch a game on your PC, the RAM rises into action because that’s where game is loaded from.

RAM is more like a substitute for the hard drive in running the PC’s operations because it’s fast and designed to only temporary store items.

That’s why fast and large-sized RAMs are recommended because they refine the gaming experience by ensuring everything loads fast.

Ram Speed For Gaming

Does ram speed really matter in gaming? Well, that’s a question on every gamer’s lips and today we clear it once and for all.

RAM speed actually refers to the amount of data that you could transfer to the stick at any given time. Most folks confuse it with latency which is basically how quick the RAM responds to requests.

In-depth analysis and tests have shown that when you increase the RAM speed, true latencies hardly change which implies that faster speeds are a recipe for greater performance. CAS latencies of course will increase but when measuring the memory performance, most experts prefer to use true latency.

RAM speed has more impact especially when you are using an integrated graphics system. On top of that, it could make your system more reliable and stable if you happen to be overclocking on specific systems.

How Much Ram Is Needed For Gaming?

At one point in history, 4GB was pretty enough for gaming and running other daily tasks but that time is long gone. Most of the games today need more than that. Should you try to run on a 4GB RAM chances are high the game won’t run or if it does, it won’t run as you expect it to.

Almost every game today lists 8GB as the minimum RAM and the great thing is that most pre-built PCs come loaded with at least 8GB or higher. Alternatively, if your PC is upgradable or you want a DIY gaming rig, 8GB RAMs are pretty affordable. You’ll find plenty of them in our selection.

Still, you could go for the higher RAMs .i.e. 16GB, 32 GB or even 48GB. If you intend to do some live streaming, you are probably going to need at least 16GB if you expect to enjoy a smooth performance. So if we were to simply answer the question how much RAM is needed for gaming, the answer would be anything beyond 8GB, of course based on the tasks at hand.

Lastly, more RAM could smoothen your gaming experience but remember that the RAM alone won’t achieve this, but it definitely helps.