Best headphones for sleeping in 2018

Ernest Hemmingway was once quoted saying “I love my sleep. My life tends to fall apart when I am awake, you know! Hemmingway used to write while standing. Not to sound sacrilegious, but I believe if he was alive today he would definitely invest in some sleeping headphones. Perhaps something classical or a soothing folk tune.

The connection between music and sleep has been studied all over the world. Research has even shown music to help people with schizophrenia to sleep better. In fact, according to Dr Michael Breus, the author of The Sleep Doctor’s Diet Plan: Simple Rules for Losing Weight While You Sleep, reputable studies show music with a 60 beats a minute’s rhythm is best for inducing sleep. Once you start listening to it, your heart rate slows down to 60 beats per minute as well and soon you are fast asleep.

The only problem is that most headphones aren’t really designed for sleeping so finding a pair that will let you do so comfortably might require some research. To help you out we have compiled a guide that will help you find the the best headphones for sleeping. To start off, let’s see what makes a pair of headphones suitable for sleeping in.


It beats the purpose to have the latest, best sound quality headphones which are not comfortable to wear as you sleep. For that reason, you should look for thin cables and small enough earbuds that allow you to be able to sleep on your side. Also make sure the cable’s microphonics do not make noise with your every movement.


Your best option here is to go for a wireless headphones! Despite their complicated nature they are not cumbersome in bed and are easy to use. However, do not completely rule out the wired option. As long as the cable is thin and can disappear under the pillow to prevent entanglement, they remain a very viable option.

Sound Quality

Steer clear of headphones that leak sound. They will definitely deprive you and your partner of sleep as you try to mitigate the sound and he/she tries to cope with it. Although some people do not emphasize on the sound quality on account of you will be sleeping, poor sound can actually end up keeping you awake.


Because you will be using the headphone for sleeping which is a health benefit, opt for the best. After all, they will be aiding you in getting quality sleep. This may mean spending more but in the long run, they will keep and serve you effectively for years to come and you can’t really put a price on good sleep!

When it comes to headphones, the choice is between over the ear headphones, on the ear headphones, in the ear headphones (earbuds) or special sleeping headphones. While we would like to praise one over the other, technology and experience have shown us that functionality has the last say in this matter.

For example, some prefer an earbuds (in the ear headphones) because they are not only small but also lightweight. As such, they do not interfere with your sleep as they remain comfortably nested in the ear. On the other hand, clip on versions are not being left behind in the competition seeing as they are preferred by people who want to keep the ear area airy.

Not forgetting the special sleeping headphones which are specially designed for the purpose of listening to music as you sleep. Some even come with a headband or a mask for further functionality.

With all these features in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best headphones available for sleeping.

Bedphones Gen 3

These headphones check all the needed features of headphones for sleeping. The key, however, is in finding the right fit.To begin with, they come with a very handy hard and soft shell case for carrying them as you move around. This guarantees them the much needed protection and ensures durability.

In terms of sound quality, you can expect good sound containment as they produce crisp high notes and a powerful bass. So good is the sound quality that with the many options of external devices that you can connect your bephones to, you will soon be enjoying concert caliber sounding music.They are the thinnest headphones available on the market, at 1/4inch thickness. Fitted with comfortable soft foam coverings which offer the perfect comfort to the ear, their design is geared towards exactly that; a barely there presence.

You can adjust it to a tight fit so it doesn’t move about at night using the sliding adjustment function. It is also comes with a standard jack input for devices with such outputs.

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FIRIK sleep Headphones

The FIRIK Sleep Headphones were created with noise cancellation in mind. With the sound quality being described as excellent by consumers, they come at a reasonable price tag. In fact, most consumers equate their clear and crisp sound quality to that found in the high end headphones.

Comfort has been factored into these headphones by using quality materials for the headband. It is gentle on the ears no matter how long it stays and doesn’t easily slide off. Of course the headband can double up as a sleeping mask or a meditation mask when you want to block out everything and everyone else out.

The FIRIK sleep headphones are compatible with most apple products like the iPad, iPod and iPhone not to mention the standard MP3 players. Furthermore, it’s light weight quality makes it easy to sleep with as the cable runs down the length of the back.

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Hennison Wireless Bluetooth Velvet Eye Patch headphones

With the Hennison Wireless Bluetooth Velvet Eye Patch, you can listen to your music and answer phone calls all at the same time. How? With their state of the art mask! This mask is fitted with a microphone as well as powerful in built speakers. Made entirely out of velvet, it takes noise cancellation to another level. Furthermore, it is fitted with a memory foam that conforms to your features.

When it comes to the sound quality, you will definitely love the delivery on the vocals, bass and mids. It is a great choice for listening to audio books because of its sound versatility.Now, when it comes to the built in microphone, this is a feature that does a fantastic job of transmitting your voice clearly while killing the background noise off. The result is clarity during your phone call for both you and your caller.

It also allows you to be able to easily manipulate your music play back and other functions like volume.

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AcousticSheep Bluetooth wireless Sleepphones

From the name of these headphones you know you are in for a warm fuzzy feeling. Manufactured by a company that uses wind energy in it’s offices, this headphones are made out of 88% recycled plastic bottles and other recyclable material. Considered one of the best headphones for sleeping, the AcousticSheep Sleepphones is wireless and comes in a different sizes.

Designed to hold 2 speakers that are inbuilt into a soft headband which wraps around your head, the headband acts as the safety that keeps the speakers in place (that is in your ears) all night. In addition, you can adjust the position of the speakers as they are removable. The headband is made to universally fit everyone, can be machine washed and also doubles up as a sleeping mask.

They use Bluetooth to stream music as they are wireless and their battery lasts up to 12 hours. When it comes to blocking out sound, its high performance speakers help in noise cancelling. The AcousticSheep SleepPhones produces quality sound clarity without leaking any noise. We must say these manufacturers thought of everything! They even went as far as throwing in a smartphone application with loads of relaxing tracks to soothe you.

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GoldWorld Wireless Sleep Phones

From functionality to high end performance, the GoldWorld Wireless Sleep Phones prove that they are a formidable set of headphones. The speakers are wireless and inbuilt into the headband. They provide wonderful sound clarity and crisp notes that balance out your entire audio experience.

Built for comfort, the mask is light and follows the contours of your face all the while allowing for the convenience of blocking out the outside world.

Speaking of blocking everything out, the mask has features ranging from lights control to volume increase and decrease control to play, pause and switching on and off. These features come in so handy that you don’t even have to remove it from your eyes. Moreover, these headphones are a real monster in noise cancellation.

However, if nothing else says these headphones are keepers, their battery life does. They give you many hours of music owing to the battery’s ability to retain charge for long.

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HiberMate Sleep Headphones

Looking for versatility? The HiberMate Sleep Headphones are the ideal choice. We even dare say they bear the quintessential mark of a long time companion. From long flights to long distance travel or just for sleep, these headphones will keep you company with fantastic sound quality and undeniable comfort.

Boasting of exceptionally superior high tech integrated speakers, you will be treated to perfect sound clarity. Additionally, they are compatible with any external gadget that is fitted with a 3.5mm audio jack. You can also hook them up to any of your devices using Mac or android OS without any hiccups.

They also come with a headband that is adjustable and has been contoured to keep the pressure off your eyes.

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Panasonic RP-HS46E-K Slim

The Panasonic RP-HS46E-K is the epitome of clip on earphones. The arrival of clip on earphones saved a lot of people from the discomfort of sticking earbuds into their ears, especially those at a higher risk of ear infections.

These headphones are sturdy and stay in place no matter how active you are. While sleeping next to someone else, never fear! The Panasonic RP-HS46E-K are quiet and discrete owing to their awesome ability to contain sound.

Although, their noise cancellation is just above par, many consumers overlook this particular issue with many seeing it as an advantage if you are working around other people and still need to hear what they have to say from time to time. In fact, the quality of sound overshadows the flaw in noise cancellation.

Looking at the sound quality, everything is well equalized to give off a well rounded of audio experience. Because of the build of the heaphones, you have enough air circulating , keeping your face and ears cool. The cabling that comes out the ear cup is thin but well suited to keeping micro phonics at bay.

The best thing about the Panasonic-RP- HS46E-K is the end of the cable which is a straight plug as opposed to an angled one. This means that if you were to pull hard on the cable, the plug would just disconnect from the device you are playing from instead of disconnecting from the headphones.


Whether you are suffering from a sleep disorder or you just want to enjoy some soft music or an audio book, all the above choices will keep your ears happily engaged. You are in for high end performance and an unforgettable audio experience with these gems.

Now that you have found your dream headphones for sleeping, how about popping in some sleep inducing Miles Davis or better still, the alleged most relaxing song of all time; weightless, by the Marconi Union.  It was after all English playwright William Congreve who said that music’s charms can soothe a savage breast, soften a rock and bend an oak that is knotted.

In the same spirit, might we add that headphones aid the music in achieving all of the above.  If you, however, do decide to listen to that hiphop mixed tape, don’t blame your lack of sleep on your sleeping headphones.