Best TVs under $1000 – October 2016

First there was the list with the best gaming laptops under $1500. Now let’s say you‘re in the market searching for a new TV but you’re a bit more sceptical on the price? No worries, here is a list with the best TVs you can buy under $1000. But first let’s see what you need to look for in general when buying a TV.

Inches: First you need to decide how many inches you want your TV to be. That depends on the distance you’ll keep when watching. For instance a 32inch TV requires a minimum distance of 1.2 metres and a maximum of 2. So check the distance wherever you want to put it. And go buy something not too big, not too small.

Display Technology: Having decided about the size (inched) you will next need to choose the display technology (Plasma or LED-LCD).  In case you don’t know the difference, Plasma TVs offer a better resolution on lower lights, can transfer smoothly rapidly changing pictures (like sports) but consume more electricity than LED-LCD TVs and have a shorter lifespan. LED-LCD TVs on the other hand, provide a better picture quality on high light, consume less electricity than Plasma TVs and have a bigger lifespan but have a slightly worse resolution to high contrast images and may get a bit slow when it comes to rapidly changing pictures (always comparing to Plasma TVs). So choose what’s best for you.

Resolution (Full HD or HD ready): The image resolution is the next thing you need to check and obviously it’s a very important one as well. By resolution we refer to the number of individual pixels that compose the image. The resolution is usually represented by numbers that look like “1366×768”. The first number “1366” refers to the width of the TV and the second one “768” to the height. TVs whose resolutions ranges from 1366×768 to 1920×10080 have what is called an HD Ready resolution while the ones that are 1920×1080 and more have a Full HD resolution. Now, you might think that clearly the more pixels, the better. And yes, generally this is true but for certain inches the difference between two resolutions can hardly be noticed. So combining that with the other criteria above, when you have to choose between two TVs with different resolutions you may want to go with the one has a worse resolution depending on the other criteria.

So now that we’ve narrowed down the basics that you need to keep in mind when purchasing a TV let’s see the best options you have on a price range of $1000 and below.

Samsung UN32J6300

Samsung-UN32H6350-300x212It’s about an expensive choice in the category of 32 inches since more attention has been given to the picture quality and not the low price that is the main characteristic of the 32inch category. This Full HD model comes with a Quad-Core processor, plays at 200Hz and supports 3D technology while it has a very competitive resolution. And what’s best, it is a Smart TV.

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Sony XBR55X810C

sony_xbr55x810c_x810c_55_4k_smart_1181562The Sony XBR55X810C probably offers the best value in this price range. The great picture quality is not the only feature which keeps this TV under our favorite list but it boasts a superb design and an overall satisfying performance. The stellar motion handling and the low input lag surely helps to make this device perfectly suitable for gaming as well. The screen size is also quite good for the price and being a 4k TV the picture quality is raw and crisp. Great to watch movies. The color is really good and the overall effect is satisfactory.
With good upscaling quality just like the previous Sony TV you can easily go for low quality material like DVDs or SD channels. Though there are downsides but the goods really overpowers all the bads making it a good choice and overall bargain worth picking up.


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LG 40UB8000

For those who simply want the best combination of quality and price, meet the LG 40UB8000. This particular model has a 4K resolution, which means that it can provide an elusive viewing experience, even in the most “simple” Full HD content (it has an upscale option). The IPS panel will make sure that the colours you see are more live than ever while the True XD engine will work hard to give you top quality images. Now to all that, add the multichannel sound and the Virtual Surround Plus technology and what you get is one of the few high-end TVs in its category and probably one of your best choices as well.                                                                                                                                                                                amazon

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Vizio E50-C1


Of the many Vizio’s E series TVs, VIZIO E50-C1 is proud to be one of the most domineering model. Whereas many of us like to associate wobbly designs with cheap TVs, this particular model costs just about $300 yet packs a more premium design and a pile of other advanced features you will like. The build quality is modest and aesthetically speaking, everything looks a little basic but with a touch of modernity in them. For its 50″ panel, you have a whopping 16 LED zones that ensure great color consistency, superior contrast ratio and sharper detail. To put it simply, the VIZIO E50-C1 is an inexpensive full HD TV offering great picture quality on a pretty huge screen.

So those are the top options you have when it comes to purchasing the best TV on the market in the category of $0-$1000. Take your notes, do your research and go buy the best for you. Happy shopping!