Bethesda is opening a new studio in Montreal to focus on consoles and mobile gaming

For a few years, Bethesda Game Studios has been expanding to become one of the big guns in the gaming industry. They are still continuing their growth as today they announced that they will open a new development studio in Quebec, Montreal. They are expecting that this new studio will help them to grow their development capabilities on PC, other consoles and in mobile gaming.

Todd Howard, the game director and executive producer of Bethesda Game Studios said that, they have worked with some genius developers who were from Montreal, and it was time to actually open a studio there. He is very excited about the new games which they will develop here.

Yves Lachance will lead the new studio in Montreal, who is a senior member of the industry and he will be the director. The team he will lead; already contains 40 skilled developers and they will focus on creating games for mobile and consoles. Lachance said that working with Bethesda Game Studio has already been a great experience and now he is thrilled to work in this new studio.

The studio is now hiring people for both their Montreal and Maryland offices. For those who are interested in working in any of these two locations can apply for a job through the following link…..

Bethesda is a well-renowned studio, who has made games like Wolfenstein, Rage, and Fallout 3 etc. Wolfenstein is one of the oldest and most popular game franchises in the gaming history; Return to Castle Wolfenstein competed for game of the year title. There is also the Fallout franchise, one of the most well-developed RPG games of this generation, Fallout 3 won the game of the year title. Bethesda is also developing a game which will release in 2016; the particular date has not been specified. The name of the game is DOOM; they are now rebooting this historic franchise.

Bethesda’s newly released game Fallout 4 has been a great hit, the game was released on 10th November 2015. They have already shipped 12 Million copies throughout the world and they have earned around $750 million during the first week of the game’s release. They have sold 1.87 million copies on steam, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One during the first week of the game’s release.