Beware of the latest phishing attack targeting Apple users

A phishing scheme is known to be targeting Apple device users which asks you to verify your identity and thus by trying to steal your information including your username and password. The email says your Apple account has been disabled and to activate it again you will have to click on the link given in the email. Do not click on that. Clicking on that will probably take you to a webpage where you will be asked to enter the information such as login id and password which is specially crafted to steal the details you type in.

The phishing scheme makes you worry saying your id is disabled because someone tried to access your account from a different IP. As you may already know Apple never logs your IP addresses or disables it just because someone tried to access it from a different IP. We don’t want to divulge into the details for you. Just do yourself a favor by closing or deleting the said email ans warn your family and friends about this. Here is the email you likely to receive if you have been targeted.

Phishing attack against Apple users

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