BlackBerry A10 Might Be Named As BlackBerry Z30

BlackBerry Z30A CrackBerry forum member has recently found some references to a new smartphone BlackBerry Z30 in the latest but not yet released version of BlackBerry OS. Although the name referenced in BlackBerry 10.2 is BlackBerry Z30 CrackBerry members believe that its the real name of the upcoming flagship Aristo. Aristo is the codename of the flagship device of which the specs and a hands of video were leaked last month.

After the CrackBerry member revealed this, the editor over there uncovered the tutorial resources and an image related to the Z30. It is now beilved that the new name could be the real name of the device and older names such as A10 and Aristo are the code names for it. Anyway we cannot confirm that BlackBerry Z30 would be the final name for the device, but it will be more suitable to the device when we consider the previous naming convention of BlackBerry devices.

Here are the leaked images of BlackBerry Z30:

Source: Engadget

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