BlackBerry Boss ‘not happy’ with carrier update cycles


Thorsten Heins, CEO of BlackBerry, has complained about the  roll-out cycles for upgrades to BlackBerry 10. He believes that carriers in particular,  have a responsibility to ensure that all BlackBerry phone users receive an operating system update at the same time.

Earlier this month, US carrier AT&T updated BlackBerry Z10 handsets on its network to BlackBerry 10.1. Verizon customers however are still waiting for that update.

Heins explained to Crackberry that the company is working with carriers to find a solution to the problem, but added that a solution may not be achieved in the near future. “We’re trying to work with all of our carriers, specifically in the US, to speed this process up. They’re willing to engage, but the process is the process,” he said.

“When my team talks about 10.1, 10.2, I always remind them of, ‘You know what’s in, but these guys out there don’t even have it yet.’ We tend to get ahead of the curve ourselves and think this is what BlackBerry 10 really is, and then customers even don’t have it in their hands. We will continue to push that as strong as we can, because I’m not satisfied with these cycle times of new updates.”

However, the staggered update situation is not one unique to BlackBerry. Android owners will know that updates to their devices can take up to a year to reach their device after they are first announced. In addition to the multiple carriers offering Android phones, their are multiple manufacturers which further complicates the update cycle.

However, the BlackBerry boss hinted that, unlike with Android, there is a glimmer of hope on the horizon with BlackBerry 10. “They let a whole new platform on to their networks, whole new products. Nobody knows what they’re going to do on the carrier’s side, so they’re testing themselves thoroughly.

“The network is their asset. The quality of their connectivity is their asset. We have to be sympathetic with this as well, but I hope and I’m optimistic that going forward, when they learn about the stability the platform, this will improve quite substantially.”

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