BlackBerry’s strategy

BlackBerry was rumored to be working on a new smartphone that would run with Google’s operating system, Android. That was the most recent talk going on about the company until recently, when according to trustworthy sources coming from well informed tech blogs in the United States, BlackBerry recently moved on to the purchase of two domain names.

As you can easily understand, this would not be worth mentioning, unless the same sources, didn’t also report that the specific domains are “” and “”. If the specific information about the domain names gets confirmed it means that BlackBerry is actually working on a new device that runs with Android.

The specific move by the company is being made only a few days after the official interview of BlackBerry’s CEO, John Chen, who denied the rumors saying that the company was building an Android smartphone. He said that he would only consider building a smartphone which runs with the Android OS only if it was as secure as the BlackBerry OS. “We only build secure phones and BlackBerry is the most secure phone,” said Chen. “So if I could find a way to secure the Android phone, I would also build that.”

Now, on the other hand, according to an earlier report from N4BB, BlackBerry will be unveiling the first Android smartphone in August, dubbed the BlackBerry Prague.

So things get a bit confusing somewhere along the way and the confirmation of the domain names can truly clear things out, about what we should expect from the company in the near future.

What’s more interesting though is that John Chen, was interviewed about the company since it is not currently at its best. In fact, several sites showed some leaked pictures of the company’s rumored android smartphone (Venice) and they mentioned that it looks a lot like the Samsung Galaxy S6 – except the Venice is curved on both sides – which can only be translated as the company’s last effort to stay in the game and gain some ground.

During John’s interview on CBC’s “The Exchange with Amanda Lang”, he mentioned: “I don’t have any intention to sell BlackBerry. Not until the BlackBerry shareholder has good value reflecting truly what we have. I think we’re now going into the second phase. BlackBerry’s claim to fame … is in security and privacy. Last quarter, we won 2,600 either new or renewed customers for our software servers. 2,600 in one quarter. And a lot of them are very big names.”

The above statement indicates that the company is facing some serious difficulties that it is trying to escape. This only makes things more blurry concerning the rumored release of the android smartphone, Venice. Thus the title. Blackberry’s strategy – if there is one – is confusing. Although it will be something worth checking out (if it is actually true), only time will make the company reveal its cards. Then we’ll know what is really going on and what we can expect. Until then, stay tuned to read all the latest news on this and many more hot topics!

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