Both LG and Samsung plan to launch flexible display smartphones by next week

A week earlier we reported about Samsung’s plans to launch a smartphone with flexible display to beat LG in coming up with the world’s first flexible display smartphone. Looks like it’s going to be a close call for both of them. According to latest reports both Samsung and LG are planning to launch the flexible display smartphones by next week.

The news from Samsung came in after Samsung Electronics CEO revealed they are planning to release the flexible display smartphone by next week. But no information was give about the phone itself, although previous rumours are hinting that Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Active, the limited edition variant will be the first phone to have it.

Now when it comes to LG, they have revealed when and what. According to LG the new smartphone with flexible display will be called as LG Z or LG Z1. This phone will be in the market by this month too.

Now if you think that these phones will be flexible, I am sorry. Neither of these devices will be flexible. The flexible displays helps the devices to be more durable with the unbreakable displays and sexier because of the very thin or no bezels. Both the manufacturers don’t have the technology to make the circuit boards and other hardwares, flexible as the displays, so until they find a way to make flexible circuit boards I don’t think we will see any flexible smartphones. These smartphones with flexible displays from both Samsung and LG will be sold in limited quantities as their manufacturing plans and resources are not enough to make large quantities of flexible OLED displays.


Source: Unwired View

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