Buy a Surface RT And Get A Free Touch Cover

Surface RT Free Touch Cover

Surface RT Free Touch Cover

Microsoft has started offering free touch cover for the buyers of Surface RT. The offer is valid for the customers from USA and UK only, The tablet Surface RT costs £399 as of now. This is one of those tactics of Microsoft to push the sales of the Windows Tablet which finds it very hard to get sales competing with the popular android tablets and Apple’s iPad line up.

When sold separately it costs £99 and when bought with the Type cover it costs £109. This of course will be an awesome addition to get for free of cost and whoever wanting to purchase the Surface RT better buy it now considering the savings you’re going to make. The offer is valid for a limited time according to Microsoft but hasn’t given out any information about the exact date specifics on how much this offer is going to last.

Buy the Microsoft Surface RT now to get a Touch Cover for absolutely free of cost.
Manufacturer: Microsoft
$569.00 New

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