CCC Hacker Club Circumvents iPhone 5S TouchID And Shows How To Do It

Apple iPhone 5S touchID hackThe fingerprint scanner TouchID is perhaps one of the most anticipated feature of iPhone 5S. This new feature allowed users to have increased security as well as ease of use. But are you sure about the increased security? Well, don’t be. A few hackers from Europe known as ‘Chaos Computer Club’ has shown a way to circumvent the TouchID sensor and bypass the lock screen.

The process is a little bit complex and might not be handy enough for a common man. You would need a 2400 DPI photograph of the iPhone 5S users fingerprint. this needs to be laser printed at 1200 DPI to create a thin latex sheet. Now this latex sheet could be used as a fake fingerprint for touchID and it will accept it and you will be able to unlock the device. Here is the video which shows the process.


Source: Engadget

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