How to change System lock screen in Windows 8

In the last how to article we discussed how you can change the lock screen for your Windows 8 account. That method will only work for the particular account from which it was changed. Once you log out or if you haven’t logged in yet, the lock screen displayed will have a different image. In case you wanted to change that too, here is the how to for that.

This method would want you to edit Windows Registry. You need to be careful while doing this as modifying improperly can leave you with a not working Windows. It is better to back up your data before doing this in case you’re new to Windows Registry editing. You’re warned, we here at TNC will not be liable if something goes wrong after trying the below instructions. It is a much simpler method if you just want to change your account’s lock screen. So if you don’t want to edit the Windows Registry or if you don’t have the permissions to do so, see this article: Change lock screen of your account on Windows 8

  • First of all select an image for your System lock screen with a .jpg file extension with proper resolution for your screen. Store the image in a place safely so that you or anyone else using the computer will not move or delete this file.
  • Open Windows Metro screen, type regedit and press enter if UAC pops up.  You can also run Windows Registry by pressing Win(key)+ R on your keyboard, typing ‘regedit.exe” into the dialog box, and clicking “OK”. Confirm the “YES” to start Registry Editor.
  • Once you are in the registry editor, navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Personalization. In case if the Personalization key does not exist yet, right-click Windows and select New > Key, then name the new key Personalization.

System lock screen Windows 8 - Registry Settings

  • On the right side of Windows registry editor, see if you have a value called LockScreenImage. If you see that value you can skip the next 2 steps of adding the value.
  • Right click on the blank space on your right side and select New > String Value(see the screenshot below for reference).

System lock screen Windows 8 - Registry Settings Adding the value

  • Type in LockScreenImage as the name value. The value data is the image path which you created in the first step. That’s it and you’re done. Your system lock screen will be changed now. No reboot is needed.

System lock screen Windows 8 - Registry Settings LockScreenImage Value

  • Now if you have the value LockScreenImage in Personalization already you don’t have to create it. In that case, just right click it  and select modify. Then enter the path to the image from the first step in the value data field and click OK.

System lock screen Windows 8 - Registry Settings Modifying the valueOnce you’re finished doing the above steps, close the Windows Registry Editor and everything is done.

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