Cloud Music Player AudioBox Now Supports Dropbox, Google Drive and lot more

AudioBox now supports lots of 3rd party cloud services and you can play music from them. The Google Drive, SkyDrive, Box, DropBox to name a few that are supported by AudioBox.

AudioBox Team has revealed that, their users can expect an application for their mobile very soon. They are currently working on an application for iPhone, Android and Blackberry for their service. They currently have a desktop application which can actually play the locally stored files just like it streams music from the cloud.

Some awesome key features of AudioBox:

  • A unified library
  • Supports rule based smart playlists and normal playlists
  • Share your music and playlists to facebook, google+ etc
  • An API for developers who are interested to add any new features.
  • A desktop Application
  • Mobile applications(already announced)
  • Lets you stream contents from YoutTube and SoundCloud.

Now the real question is will this be big enough to outshine the already established cloud players from apple, google etc? Tell us what do you think?

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