Confirmed: Apple lays off 200 Beats employees

Apple has just completed it’s acquisition of Beats and yesterday came the first confirmed reports of layoffs. I the deal that was first annonces on May 28 co-founders Dr.Dre and Jimmy Iovine were to join Apple but apparently not all other employees of Beats will be comming along.

Yesterday, confirmed news came out about Apple laying off 200 of the Beats employees, that is just shy of a third of the total workforce. Most of the development and creative roles will not be effected by the layoffs which seems to be more focused around Beats support, HR and finance functions, all of which will be moved to Apple.

According to Apple, all Beats employees had been offered jobs at Apple. But when asked further about it they admitted that due to some overlap with their own organisation some of the offers were for a limited time period. Some of the former Beats staff has already been laid off and some will be kept on until January 2015.