Cortana available in the UK and China within ‘weeks’

Cortana, Microsoft’s answer to Siri and Google Now, is weeks away from being available in both the UK and China according to a Microsoft employee responsible for managing it.

Currently, Cortana is only available to US Windows Phone users. However, WinBeta caught wind of a tweet from Marcus Ash, the group program manager for Cortana, explaining that at least two launches are imminent.


The tweet follows a series of other tweets from Ash where he explains that Microsoft is fully focused on developing Cortana for Windows Phone before they consider developing the service for iOS and Android.

“We are in Beta and we are in the US and we know before we do anything else we need to scale and get Cortana out to more customers,” he said in a comment on WPCentral, adding that overseas launches are the current top priority for Cortana.

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