Cortana is coming to Android and iOS as well

Cortana started as Microsoft’s virtual assistant that would come along with the new Windows 10, and Windows Phone as well. The name was inspired by the Halo series.

Now it seems that Microsoft has announced, Cortana will make her appearance not only in Android but also in iOS and of course as expected it will come with a special app “Phone Companion” for Windows 10.

Starting with the last subject, the app Phone Companion will allow the user to manage his computer by connecting it to any smartphone. The operating system and the model of the device is not important.

The Phone Companion app will be preloaded in Windows 10 and it will make it easier to synchronize data among devices. Based on that logic, one will be able to have access to all the playlists and other files such as images and videos that one has created through the cloud, from any device. We have seen similar ideas before but we’ve never witnessed such a large network of different devices working together with such ease. At least not so far. If that is not impressive to you then there might not be many things that can impress you.

And the good news doesn’t stop there. Cortana will also be capable of functioning on devices with Android or iOS operating system with a similar way that she will work on Windows Phone. Of course there will be differences as to the degree that Cortana will be allowed to interfere with the system but that is totally up to the company and its restrictions.

According to CNET, the ability to activate Cortana by saying “Hey Cortana” will be given only to platforms that operate using Windows Phone. That counts as one known difference already. The already popular virtual assistant will make her appearance on Android in June and then will follow the edition for iOS.

It is probably new to see an app by Microsoft being available for Android and iOS together. This will certainly create a bigger network among different platforms and give Cortana, as well as Windows 10 and all Android and iOS devices from now on, a head start. Seems like a really good move.

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