Is a CSC Better than a SLR Camera

1. They are light and small

DSLR cameras use a mirror light to bounce light while CSC cameras don’t have than mechanism which makes them light and small and easier to carry. This means that you can take your CSC camera anywhere you want with ease and get more shots.

2. Its Silent

No mirror movement means it takes the shot discreetly. CSC are quieter than DSLR cameras and you can take photos while being unnoticed especially when you are taking photos of people who are camera shy.

3. Receptive Live View

The DSLR shows the image from the sensor to their main screen while CSC cameras show are live image while giving good screen view and auto focus Micro Four Thirds cameras from Olympus and Panasonic are particularly decent in this deference and you can take pictures of moving objects or people while constituting on the main screen.

4. Get live Feed

CSC uses live feed from their sensor; you can easily switch to black and white mode. With CSC cameras you will not have to think too much as compared with an SLR. Plus you can be very creative with the CSC cameras.

5. More Benefits

CSC cameras have more features that prove helpful for people who love photography; it has made photography simpler and easier.This means that rather than having to calculate or guess the length of the exposure you can assess it visually and close the shutter when the image looks right

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