Developers to get early Windows Phone access

Microsoft have announced that they will make it easier for app developers to gain development versions of the Windows Phone operating system.

Today, Microsoft have launched “Windows Phone Preview for Developers”, which is a service that allows app developers to gain access to developer previews of Microsoft’s mobile operating system. This has been designed to encourage more developers to develop for the Windows Phone platform by giving them all the tools necessary to develop for the latest version of the OS. This is much like Apple’s own developer system, wherein after announcing a new version of their iOS system, registered developers are allowed to download and install it on their devices for testing purposes.

To be able to gain access to this new programme, Windows Phone developers must log in to the Microsoft developers page, and meet on of these three requirements:

  • Own a developer-unlocked phone
  • Be registered with the Windows Phone Store as a developer
  • Be a registered Windows Phone App Studio developer

Hopefully this new system will improve the popularity of Windows Phone within the developer’s community, resulting in a lot more apps being released for the system.

Source: CNET


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