The different types of binureal beats

Binureal beats are 2 sounds merged together in harmony which creates brain stem responses. This creates more blood flow and neuron activity in the brain and can help with memory retention, stress reduction, emotional stability and improving overall mental strength.

Theta Brain Waves

These waves are apparent when you are falling asleep or when you are relaxed, these waves are also at their highest during a state of deep meditation and their frequencies occur between 4 Hz to 7 Hz. When listening to theta brain waves, you will find yourself in a deep state of meditation and you will experience a significant reduction in stress. Additionally you will also have improved concentration and positivity.

During this state of theta relaxation you will experience a low blood pressure, low heart rate and breathing, you will feel restful and healthy. You may also have vivid flashes which you do not have access to normally; information in the form of memories or subconscious information can be experienced. The Theta state is a deep state of meditation and it is used for hypnosis, mental programming, and meditation and accelerated learning.

You have a wonderful feeling of relaxation, a strong feeling which will drive away all of your stress making you feel rested and fresh. The same result with meditation would take a lot of practice and time but with theta music you can easily go into a state of meditation.

Beta Brain Waves

Beta Brain waves are active during consciousness that is to say, during your daily life. Their frequencies are from 12 Hz to 30 Hz and they have 3 categories

The first one is low beta, it has waves from 12-15 Hz. The second one has a frequency from 15-20 Hz and the third one (high frequency beta waves) have a frequency from 20 to 30 Hz.

This form of brain wave is not useful for meditation but there are a few circumstances where they can be utilized effectively. If you generate high frequency beta waves and are over stimulated then a reduction in beta activity will make you feel relaxed and calm. You will experience a clear mind and improved focus.

The most important benefit is the regulation and stability of your normal conscious awareness. This wave is useful for people with ADD, depression or insomnia. Additionally, these waves also improve IQ and the ability to concentrate. You may also use it to improve your body and mind coordination; this will improve your cognitive abilities as well.

Alpha Brain Waves

Alpha brain waves are dominant when you are waking up in the morning or when you are about to sleep. These waves occur from frequencies of between 8 Hz to 12 Hz.  Alpha wave relaxes the mind and makes it receptive for information. Your ability to come to realizations and creativity is enhanced with these waves.

You can also increase your learning ability as research shows that the ideal state of learning is when a person is relaxed. When you are in this state, you will be relieved of stress and you will show positivity. You will subconsciously absorb positive images and words. The alpha brain wave is mainly used for meditation, relaxation, and learning and to improve focus.

Delta Brain Waves

These are slow brain waves and they occur at a frequency of 4 Hz or less. Delta brain waves are dominant during REM sleep. The delta sleep is an unconscious and dreamless sleep state that allows the body and mind to heal. This wave can be used during sleep and during deep meditation sessions. Delta brain waves can be a powerful sleep aid and relieves the mind from and overactive state.

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