Domino’s Pizza Is Testing Drones For Delivering Pizzas



Yes its real. Domino’s Pizza hired T + Biscuits, an English creative agency for studying the possibilities of a drone which delivers pizzas and then developing it. Looks like the agency did an amazing work. They recently they tested it out and released a video. The drone delivered 2 pepperoni pizzas by travelling almost 4 miles within just 10 mins in U.K.

Here is the Video of the Pizza Delivering Drone – The DomiCopter

The pizza delivery drone is known as DomiCopter and has 8 spinning blades along with a vessel which contains the Domino’s standard insulation bag to carry the pizzas. The drone operated at 126 meters off the ground and didn’t need any flying licenses. Another good thing is how it doesn’t have to wait for the green signals at junctions. Anyway according to latest reports Domino’s Pizza doesn’t have any plans on using it for public delivery. The DomiCopter prototype is currently undergoing further testing at Domino’s U.K. headquarters according to huffingtonpost.

This is not the first time a company is trying drones for delivering their products. Tacocopter is a drone designed for delivering tacos with the help of a smart phone application. Will we see a drone delivering pizzas soon? We will have to wait and see it for ourselves. If everything goes well we might as well see it real soon. Let us know your thoughts by commenting below.

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