DorkBot – New Skype Worm

When it comes to malware creators, they will do almost anything to get your system infected. Now this time they are targeting not so vigilant skype users. The worm in action is called dorkbot which is infamous for fooling the facebook and twitter users to download and install the malware previously.

Skype Virus - Dorkbot WormHave you ever seen a message like “Can you believe what did I see today”, “I just saw your photo in here, never thought you would ever do this” etc? Well in most cases there will be a link to follow immediately after this message. According to TechCrunch the file name is “” and this contains the payload. Once you execute this you systems becomes infected.

Once your computer is infected with this worm users will be locked out and you will not be able to login or use the system. The worm will then let you know that, all the data on your system has been encrypted and if you want to recover the data, you have to pay 200USD within 24 hours to them. Otherwise all the data will be deleted. These types of malwares are known as ransom-wares.

Skype has been notified about this and most probably they will give us an update to fix this issue. Until then you better do not click any links that coming from your friends in Skype, or atleast do not download and try to install them.

All major antivirus companies are getting hundreds of detection reports from all over the world.

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