E3: Snapshots from “The Last Guardian”

The “spiritual successor” of “Ico” and “Shadow of the Colossus” is on the way and the right one! A title that has come and gone from the radar of Sony’s future releases so many times and for so much time that it became almost a myth. So it only makes sense that it was considered the highlight in what proved to be a great press conference! “The Last Guardian”, seems to worth that weird distinction, as much as the years that we waited for Sony to make the transition from the PS3 to the PS4: that undefined, special “magic” ingredient that stuck with the other two Team Ico’s creations are relevant to the new title – the “Ico” and the “Shadow of the Colossus” – and that is obvious even from the little live demo that Sony gave us.

The snapshots that follow have been captured from the exact video of Sony’s demo.






As you one can easily notice from the pictures above, “The Last Guardian” on its current form is a beautiful production but technically speaking, not as impressive as some other productions that this game will inevitably be compared to in 2016 – like the “Uncharted 4” and the “Horizon”.

Of course, Sony has not made clear on what stage of development “The Last Guardian” is right now, so we can’t possibly know the exact final result just like no one knows the release date. We hope it will be in 2016. Given all the above, it is practically certain that the on its final from the game will look improved compared to what we Sony showed us on the E3.

Also, given the eventful process of its development, “The Last Guardian” is probably the kind of title that Sony will try to promote all the time – of course that is only in case that the productions goes until the end and the Japanese company is sure that all the extra information will be positive for its promotion. So, we do not expect to hear or see much this year. Although, Sony could surprise us happily considering that the “Paris Games Week” is on the way (expected on the last days of October). So we might see more about that awaited title that has come and gone too many times. But until then, stay tuned to read all the latest news about this, and many other hot topics!