Easy Ways to Manage Your Money on the Go

Technology has made many areas of our daily lives a lot easier, from communicating with friends and colleagues to finding important information instantly. It has also made it a lot simpler and more efficient to manage personal finances on the go, from checking bank statements to increasing personal investments. With apps, websites, browser applications and more, there are many ways to easily manage your money when away from home.

Online Banking

It used to be the case that if you were out and about and needed to borrow money from a friend that they’d have to wait until you paid them in cash, possibly days or weeks later. Online banking now provides no excuses for instant repayment, as you can log on and transfer money to other accounts within minutes.

From your phone, a desktop computer or laptop, it also means that if one bank account is running low while you’re out, you can quickly transfer funds across from another. Online banking is essential in the 21st century.

Trading Apps

If you fancy yourself as a forex trader but don’t have the time or courage to go full-time, trading apps from IG allow you to begin on a flexible basis. They include the technology to make trades on live markets from anywhere with an internet connection, be it on the bus to work, train to a business trip or elsewhere.

Other features such as the latest trading news, analysis and charts can all be used to help you make informed trading decisions. Be sure to download a demo account first though, so you get familiar with the app and practice.

Budget Resources

Creating a budget and sticking to it is the cornerstone of any successful personal finance plan, and there are hundreds of apps and resources that can help with this. Many of them link up with your bank account and can work out incomings and outgoings for each month.

Set targets for each day or week and you can review after this period of time to see if you’ve stuck to them or not. Analyse this data as well, to work out where you are overspending and can cut back. With the mobile apps it means you can input spendings and earnings as they happen.

Spending Trackers

It is important that in order to stick to a budget you keep track of everything that you spend. There are many spending tracker apps that allow this, some which you have to manually enter spendings on the go, others which either let you scan items you buy or link with your account.

This is a lot simpler than writing everything down and adding it up later, and in order to not further weaken your finances a lot of these are available for free.

Discount Sites

A great way to increase your savings is to find discounts. While in the past this would have involved trawling through newspapers for vouchers or getting a stroke of luck. Nowadays there are many apps which allow you to find discounts in seconds.

Many are free and provide timely discount codes for all sorts of things, from shops to restaurants. Simply check them before going for a meal or on a shopping trip.

Financial Future Planning

Finally, planning for your financial future is important to get started as early as possible. There are a lot of apps which can make predictions for how much you can spend and will earn over the next week, month, year and even further into the future. They may not be essential to use on the go, but it can still be handy to have in your pocket.

Make the most of these apps and resources to manage your money on the go.