Electronic Cigarettes and Negative Publicity

Electronic cigarettes have been a center of negative opinions with the media and many other forums.

The Vapor pen is without a shadow of a doubt the best alternative to tobacco based smoking. Some news channels and newspapers are claiming that electronic cigarettes can cause cancer and can also lead to permanent nicotine dependence. They further added that vaporizer pens may not help people quit smoking but make it even worse. They demand the complete ban of electronic cigarettes, the question remains, why electronic cigarettes? And why not ban tobacco based cigarettes?

Some researchers also claim that many electronic cigarettes are targeting teenagers and younger folk by adding highly addictive candy flavors. These flavors can be addictive to minors and may pose a health related threat to the younger population.

The critics on electronic cigarettes have been there since its invention. Though the evidence shows nothing of the sort but in fact the claims of the media are self- contradictory. When we put all the evidence on one side and the claims on the other side, the evidence outweighs the claims or negative publicity.

Electronic cigarettes are safer than tobacco based cigarettes because they do not contain the 10000 different life threatening chemicals. They only contain nicotine and that is about it, saying things like “electronic cigarettes can cause lung cancer” are preposterous. There is evidence that people who switch to electronic cigarettes are able to quit tobacco based cigarettes and can control their nicotine addiction with very little side effects.

The electronic cigarette industry is growing exponentially and it is grabbing markets all around the world. Big corporations who have billions of dollars invested in tobacco based cigarettes are afraid that they will lose a big chunk of their market share to electronic cigarettes.

Studies in Europe shows good results for example electronic cigarettes have helped 1.6% of France’s population to quit smoking and considering the time that is an excellent result. This demonstrated the effectiveness of electronic cigarettes.

The electronic cigarette industry is receiving positive results throughout the world and within time it will take over the tobacco industry.



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