eleVR’s Float is simply amazing

There is a company named eleVR, they are doing a research on virtual reality, although they are not a game company, but they just uploaded a video of a VR game they are working on named Float. It is basically a game based on puzzles with floating islands and you can visit them to make them active or alive once again. To have the taste of this tight now, you can take the help of the HTC Vive

It is a fascinating game, but it is in its early stage. They explained us about what they had to go through before it was playable and showed us the amount of research they had to do. The whole plot is good and it reminded us greatly of Inception-the movie whose primary idea is focused on building the world for people to explore.

eleVR’s Vi Hart explained………

The puzzle is all about how to use the platform’s movements to manipulate the objects within the wall boundary.

Most of the people do not usually think about the layer of spaces. To win this game you have to think about space, but the idea has to be out of the box.

The very notion for the game simply generated when we were researching on Virtual Reality movement. If we give you a small room, how do you make a person feel like they are moving through a large space? We had many different ideas, but this is one of the most successful ones.

The game’s original soundtrack is simply fascinating.

This particular part of the Virtual reality excites me, there are lots of talented people who are creative and have the capability of creating new things in virtual spaces but never got a chance to practice their skills. When I saw a group like eleVR I was hopeful about the future of the platform.

They describe them as …..

“We are eleVR [el-uh-V-R], a virtual reality research group dedicated to figuring out how to make awesome virtual reality media while sharing our results along the way”.

As Float is an open source game, we hope that someone will catch it and use it as a building block to deliver something even bigger.

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