Enhancing Your Gaming Experience – All The Accessories

Gaming is an increasingly popular pastime, and is one that is fairly easy to engage with – you sit back, fire up your console or portable device, load the game you’re interested in and there you go. Sometimes though, the most basic form of gaming can feel a little boring, and this is where gadgets and accessories come in. Not only have they been created to make our interactions a lot more convenient, they’re also a means of injecting some more fun into your gaming setup.

An accessory that may appease such complaints is the Razor Orochi.The small but nimble ambidextrous mouse is an ideal companion for pc-gamers on-the-go and/or gamers who simply wish to keep their costs down but still bag a great piece of kit. What makes the Razor Orochi such a great enhancement is its tracking speed, although not the quickest available in the market, for the price range it is pretty good with an approximate response times at 1ms. Although fine for all types of games, this mouse is better suited to first person shooters because it runs more efficiently (and is less frustrating to use) if there’s fewer commands for it to follow.

Controllers are probably one of the most common gadgets we purchase to enhance our games, with a lot now offering a much more interactive experience; modern day controllers have dual shock settings so that we feel the action, but the Spectra controller for Xbox One goes one better. This gadget pulses a selection of 225 color combos, with three modes to choose from and two different sections which light up, it is an impressive means of customizing your console. However, while it looks awesome, some veteran gamers may feel it relies on gimmick rather than bringing something worthwhile to gaming. If you are interested in seeing some cool examples of custom controllers for the PS3 and PS4 check out our article about the best custom controllers.

So far we’ve looked at extras you can get, but if you’re going to have the ultimate gaming experience then you need a good piece of kit to go with it; enter the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+. This smartphone packs an impressive punch, but more so for casual gamers. The reason being it has a great battery life at 3000mAh, a large high resolution 5.7 inch screen, and huge memory space in both the 32 and 64GB models. All these combined make playing the 500 games from Betway casino ridiculously easy, not to mention a lot more enjoyable with faster speeds and sharper graphics.

If larger screens are meant to give a bigger and better immersive experience when gaming, then the only way to go one further is to indulge in an Oculus Rift virtual reality simulator. The headset and touch controls enable you to truly be in the game, used together these two accessories not only present a virtual world that you can interact with, but they register your hand movements to make engaging with VR objects effortless. Although not released just yet, and the obvious fact that a lot of tweaking still needs to be completed before it reaches shops, the prospect for Oculus Rift is awe-inspiring, and is definitely something worth investing in if you have the money.