Essential iOS apps – June 2016

When you go to buy apps and games from App Store you are literary faced with a million choices. It is difficult but to know which apps will be most suitable and useful for you. A little know-how about the app and its usage would help matters a lot. Thus, to help you choose the essential iOS apps for 2016 we are here to guide you and showcase how you can look for the best iOS apps for your iPhone or iPad.


Casino.com_ is an online casino and is known for its excellent visual presentation. They have one of the biggest and uniquely designed online casinos in the market. The app is nothing short of their website and offers an even better experience to users on iOS. The interface is great and you can use the app for all your gaming needs whenever you wish. It consists of everything that you need, to start playing from your iPhone. If you are a regular player, then this should be on your list of the essentials.


Sky Guide


Sky Guide is available at $2.99, this app utilizes the sensors of your iPhone and if you hold up your phone facing the night sky, the app will identify the stars, planets, show various constellations and it will also record other useful information by using what can be stated as ‘augmented reality’. The real life use of this app is remarkable. After you identify the subject you can tap it to learn more about it; you can even search for things like International Space Station and many other interesting things. It’s a great app for all you star lovers.


Dark Sky


Available at $3.99, this app tells you everything about the weather. Just knowing about the today’s weather forecast may not be very useful to you, but it is necessary to know whether it will rain or it will be sunny as it may ruin your plans for the day. Dark Sky produces highly accurate, hyper-local forecasts which will make your day easy. You can even set customize the app, setting different times of a day and it will let you know when to bring an umbrella or to grab a bottle of sunscreen when you are getting out of the house. You can use it on Apple Watch as well. It is a very useful app in deed.




Overcast is nothing but an awesome podcast player. It suffices to say that Apple’s own player is very efficient for most of the podcast dabblers but the serious listeners will want to try Overcast.  It will also help you to find and experience new podcasts by hooking you into what your friends on Twitter are listening to and then it will create custom playlists based on that. It is one of the essentials for podcast enthusiasts this 2016.