Ex-Microsoft employee charged for leaking Windows 8 to press


Microsoft have taken an ex-employee to court after investigations by internal and federal counterparts found that software architect, Alex Kibkalo had been stealing and leaking trade secrets. Arrested on Wednesday, it’s alleged Kibkalo leaked Windows 7 program files, Windows 8 information and anti-software piracy systems.

According to a Microsoft executive, a reason why Kibkalo may have done this include a poor performance review after seven years working for the tech titan.

A Seattle-based FBI agent reported that Microsoft had bought their concerns to him in July 2013, almost a year after internal investigations suspected that Kibkalo leaked parts of Windows 8. He is said to have admitted to sharing information to a blogger after meeting on an online forum.

Kibkalo is also alleged to have stolen Microsoft’s “Activation Server Software Development Kit,” a propriety system implemented to prevent unauthorized copying of Microsoft software. Meaning if true, he had not only leaked information to the public, he has also leaked a sensitive anti-piracy system as well.

The blogger who received information from Kibkalo went to a Microsoft employee to ask for verification, who then went to a Microsoft executive instead. The code of the software development kit was then confirmed to be authentic, prompting the investigation to begin into communications between the blogger and his or her source.

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