What to expect from Apple at the Unveiling

In just a few hours, Apple will be unveiling the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5C to the world in Cupertino but what can we really expect Apple to show at their event? We’ve got the low-down on what to expect and what not to expect at this press conference today. Happy reading!

What to expect


iOS 7 – You can’t expect the new iPhone to come without an upgraded operating system now can you? iOS7 is an upgraded system, and then some. The software has been available in beta mode since June and Apple is set to give their developers the “golden master” version of the system, which is the version of the software that will ship with the new phones. The rest of the world will likely get the upgrade a week after the event.

ITunes Radio – The new service made it’s debut back in June, bundled into iOS 7, but Apple have also been testing a version for the Apple TV. The free, ad-supported service has music stations, as well as stations that can be created based on the persons individual songs/artists. It would also appear that Apple are planning to offer an ad-free version to subscribers of their $24.99 a year iTunes Match service.

iPod Updates – Apple did it last year and they could do it again this time around. Last year Apple threw in some iPod updates at their iPhone event and the most likely scenario is new software, new colours and a few new price cuts for the customers.

Apple TV Update – Whilst this is only a rumoured update, the update is set to bring iTunes Radio to life but also is set to allow people to play content they’ve purchased on another person’s Apple TV.

What not to expect


OS X 10.9 ‘Mavericks’ – With iOS 7, Apple has also been testing a new operatin system for Macs, and the OS is on it’s seventh version so far. According to latest reports, this update is not set to be released until the end of next month.

New iPads – Not this time young padawan. Apple is most certainly working on new iPads, but they will not be unveiled until a separate event next month, or even in November. A new Mini is expected though, along with a new iPad.

New Macs – Don’t expect to see updated Mac’s tomorrow, save that for the next Apple event. Apple updated the majority of it’s Mac lineup in October last year and it would appear they plan on doing the same again this year. The iMac, Mac Mini and MacBook Pro’s are all due for an update.

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