Facebook: The News Feed gets improvements

Facebook announced on Thursday that it now offers to all its users the ability to get a more personalized experience out of the social network.

Thorough a brand new option on the menu of the preferences, the user can prioritize his friends as well as all the pages that interest him the most.

The algorithm that Facebook uses to determine the content of the newsfeed has a considerable disadvantage: it depends on how much the users interact with each other, something which practically means that ultimately, on the news feed there is never posts of other users with which the main user hasn’t interacted in a long time. This creates a vicious circle of lack of communication that leads many to “unfriend” those who haven’t talked with recently and as a result it affects significantly the surfing experience on the popular social network.

But not anymore. From the Preferences menu, the user can now choose friends or pages that according to his…preferences, he wants to see on priority, through the new “See first” feature.

The friends and pages that the user chooses to see first will stand out from the rest with a blue star that will appear on the top right corner of those posts.

This new feature became available from yesterday (Thursday) for devices that run with the iOS operating system, and it will be directly expanded to Android while within the next few weeks it will be available for computers as well, according to the Forbes magazine.

This will be the second update of Facebook for computer platforms, since very recently, the social network added the “Like Hand” that was only available on the Messenger app until now.

Facebook’s production manager, stated that we (the users) are the ones who know what we truly want and consider important so they provide us with even better tools in order to form our profile and improve the experience.

The new feature might have been added but it still remains to the user’s discretion whether he will exploit it or not. In case the user does not wish to use the new feature the original algorithm will remain unchanged as well as the newsfeed that will show news and people’s posts just like before.