Falacy of new edge technology

GoogleGlassIf you are a technology person, you will love and appreciate the major strands technology has made over the last number of decades. I cannot imagine how people used to live without Google or a smartphone. Right now, I can hardly go a single day without this new tech and I strongly believe I am not the only one.

The release of the IPhone was a big deal because it changed the whole technology sphere. Everybody around the world echoed mobile technology as the next big thing. Indeed, it was a big thing. However, it came with a huge mess, which tech enthusiasts and consumers are now facing.

Giant technology companies are now fighting for a share of the big pie, with each one of them seeking the bigger slice. As a consumer, it is perfectly all right with since every year, new devices with improved features are released that we enjoy. The problem that we are now facing is the deficiency of tech creativity especially in the mobile scene. Tech companies have shifted their focus on misguided innovations antics rather than improving and injecting more power into the devices that we readily have.

First was Google with its Glass. Really? I fail to understand what the relevance of such a technology is. In my humble definition, I believe technology should be a helping hand to aid in the day-to-day tasks that we are often faced with. Connectivity is one of those challenges that we cannot accomplish easily with technology. Now the logic behind the Google Glass to make people connect more easily. I do not believe in this notion and the philosophy behind the thinking of such a technology. The most annoying fact is that it has to be worn. Personally, I hate to have glasses on, and I dread the day when I will wear one. Now Google introduces this new tech with a goal of capturing masses but with a wearable gadget. I doubt if it will stand the test of time.

The wearable gadgets bandwagon has sadly captured a lot of people and has managed to gather a lot of masses. Apple hinted the release of its line of Apple watch. Months even before Apple could prototype it new gadget, Chinese companies have manufactured an Apple watch’ from a cloned design. Funny enough, these gadgets are already in stores and fetching returns to the companies.
I am not in favor of the direction which technology is taking. Innovation is good, and it should be appreciated but only when it has relevance and has impact to even the layman in Africa.

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