Nokia ringtone turns 20 years old

nokiaNokia ringtone made its debut on a Nokia 2110 handset in 1994. The music itself was written nearly a century earlier. The tone is taken from the Grande Valse, a classical guitar composition written by Francisco Tárrega in 1902.

Nokia’s popularity through the years is altogether different. It is highly unlikely you will find a person that has had some connection with civilization in the past 20 years that has not heard the familiar musical phrase.

It is amazing to think what Nokia started with the 2110 handset, a ringtone that would define the brand for a generation and be recognizable just about everywhere. It all started 20 years ago, from a device with 2.5 hours of talk time, a single radio band, 125-entry phone book, and a four-line monochrome LCD.

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