Featured News: Ultra HD TV

The TV industry has evolved much since the last decade, from the lonely corner of the projection television sets to ULTRA HD TV,  Samsung and LG are the new innovators in this new world of fast paced and rapidly changing technology.

Most of us grew up seeing Sony and National (Now Panasonic) who btw made great products back in those days and gave us a lot of joy. Though it may seem funny that the VHS was the most enjoyed medium at the time and the concept of a high definition video output was not even heard of. The key uses for the TV at that time were mainly watching movies, playing games and watching 5-10 channels that were available. This may seem like a time where troglodytes may swing clubs at each other and wear saber tooth tiger hides with bad teeth but it was a great time, the point is that technology is always enjoyed in the present and the present is always modern. The reason for that lies in our genetics, we are made to get better and conquer our previous best.

Samsung’s latest 4k is something out of a science fiction movie, the quality and refresh rate is simply awesome for anyone who wants to watch a movie or play games, the best part is that now you can connect your TV with the internet, talk to your friends on Skype while you browse on youtube.

In all fairness, this is a fairly new technology which is better than 3d television sets but the standard high definition LED has still a lot to offer, so there is no verdict on the subject as of yet but we will keep you posted.

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