Finally, The Hugely Anticipated Windows 10 Update Rolls Out

Microsoft finally rolled out the Windows 10 update days ago and it’s no ordinary operating system upgrade. With this upgrade, Microsoft wants windows users to know that the platform isn’t just exclusive to productivity apps. That you could as well carry out a bunch of other creative tasks on this OS.

But don’t expect to find this free update immediately. David Dennis, Microsoft’s spokesman admits that letting all machines to update at ago could throw the entire internet into darkness. So it might take several months before all users are able to see it.

Of course Microsoft is well aware that a good number of you loathe them shoving this updates down your throats so even after the update becomes available, you’ll still be able to snooze it if you feel not ready for it.  Not too long ago, Microsoft was forced to pay a woman $10,000 over a forced windows 10 upgrade.

All that aside, like we mentioned, the update promises a lot more and here’s a brief look at what to expect.

Paint 3D

Well, this has to be the biggest highlight from this update. Familiar with the Windows paint application? Great, paint 3D is an evolution of this app. With this next generation app, you will able to come up with 3D objects right from the scratch or if you wish you can take creations from other apps, say, Minecraft, then toss them into this app and perhaps print them from there. You can also share your 3D art through the Remix 3D community, their newly launched social community where anyone can share their 3D art and also meet other 3D artists.

Game mode and game Streaming

Gaming was no doubt a priority while designing this update. With the game mode, all background apps or tasks will be canceled the moment you start playing a game so as all the memory will be devoted to gaming. Game streaming will allow users to not only live-stream but also broadcast their gameplay sessions with little or no delay through Beam, a video gaming service Microsoft acquired recently.


For the uninitiated, Cortana is Microsoft’s voice-activated personal assistance. It’s one of the few standout features that came with the windows 10 operating system. You can now access it by keying Win + C, thanks to this new upgrade. On top of that, Cortana will now show app-specific commands and also auto-suggest commands depending on what the user is typing. Also, you will be able to schedule recurring reminders on a monthly basis.


iOS and Android already have this feature integrated into their system and Microsoft is about to follow suit. Currently, they are testing their own version named Compact Overlay. It will enable you to perform one task in a reduced window while also watching a video on another window perhaps overlaying atop other applications on your screen.

Still, there are dozens of other fantastic upgrades that touch on Windows Updates, Microsoft Edge, Start Menu, Graphical Improvements, Windows Defender, Narrator and Accessibility, Privacy tools and so much more.

Also, expect new features such as the Dynamic lock that lets you pair your PC with your smartphone via Bluetooth and it works by turning off the PC whenever your smartphone goes out of range. There are also improvements to Windows Hello System and Windows Ink.

No doubt this creators update is going to hugely change how Windows functions and also how it looks. And if you consider yourself a creative, there’s a lot more in this update that you are going to love.

Not sure how to install updates on windows 10? Watch the video below for guidance.

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