Finally, something that women can be excited about – Elvie

The technology market is globally dominated by men. Even in this day and age hi-end gadgets and gizmos are all targeted towards the men. However, women are catching up pretty fast, it seems. A device that has been engineered by women for women certainly makes for interesting news.

Elvie is a new king of connected device that has been specifically designed for women. It does not have any striking smart technology. However, it’s worth looking out for as it very intelligently targets the needs of women. As far as technology is concerned, women have been undeserved for long. Therefore, a device that suddenly appears out of the blue designed specifically for them is sure to become popular.

Chiaro, the makers of Elvie, have even higher ambitions and have future plans of providing such technological services to women. Till now, it has made a total of $3 million. It’s still in the budding stage but is likely to become women’s technological lifestyle brand.

So what is Elvie all about? It is basically a connected pelvic floor exerciser. It provides you with real-time data on your exercising. It is a wearable. It also has real-time guided pelvic floor exercising features. The Elvie comes with a companion app. The app communicates with the device via Bluetooth connectivity. Since the Bluetooth receiver is on the surface of the device, therefore, the chance of losing connectivity is zero. The device is enclosed in silicone of medical grade and has no buttons on it. This is to be expected as the device is supposed to be used internally. The Elvie is a winner among its rivals due to light weight and small size. The app charts the daily best, overall personal best data and also progress with individual exercise. “The pelvic floor muscle is a complicated part of the body and universities have never had such quality and quantity of data before. Our understanding of its function will increase significantly”, says Tania Boler, co-founder of Chiaro. Boler continues, “With Elvie, we will soon be able to detect if a woman is standing or lying down when exercising and use this to make sure that each person’s target are meaningful.”

Pre-orders for this device were already active. The devices are now getting shipped. The Elvie website is selling the devices directly for now. It is priced at about $230.






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