First Jolla Phone with Sailfish OS to launch on November 27th

Jolla Sailfish OS phoneJust like promised, the Jolla Phone creators are planning to release their first phone with Sailfish OS before the end of this year. According to the latest reports the Jolla Phone with Saifish OS will be released on November 27th. The Jolla Phone was founded a few disgruntled Nokia employees when Nokia took their decision to stop further developments and projects based on their MeeGo operating system.

The Sailfish OS is loosely based on the MeeGo OS with some included legacy MeeGo code in the Mer Core. Another thing to note is that Sailfish OS will be PRISM free and there will be no disclosure of informations.

“Jolla servers are not in US, so we are not subject to any US rules or regulations regarding disclosing information.”

Anyway there will only be 450 devices available for the consumers to buy. The device will come first on a DNA pop-up shop in central Helsinki, Finland. The phone will come with a price tag of €399. Currently there are no information on when it will be available on other regions and when the pre-ordered devices will be shipped. Let us know your thoughts about this phone by commenting below.

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