First Tizen Phone Might Be Delayed Until November

According to latest rumours Samsung is slowing down the development of its Tizen mobile platform development. The latest rumours says that we might not see the phone until November. the phone was originally expected to be launched on August 1st, now that didn’t happen but Co-CEO J.K. Shin denied that the company has stopped working on Tizen.

If you see, Samsung was actually trying to make a point clear to Google with the development of Tizen, another open source plat form like Android. They were actually trying to show that Samsung’s success with the devices like Samsung Galaxy series and Note series were not just because of the platform, it had a lot to do with the manufacturer.

Samsung must have rethought their strategies for some obvious reasons. Samsung currently majority of the market share as of now. If they tried to move on to an unproven and new platform like Tizen it will be like giving life to all the other manufacturers who are currently trying to stay in the market. Do you think Samsung is going to back out from Tizen or are they simply slowing it down? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below.


Source: Phone Arena

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