Flappy Bird returns, but only to Amazon Fire TV

If like me, you are a mobile gamer, the day Dong Nguyen announced the removal of Flappy Bird from the Android and iOS app stores was shocking, horrible and melancholy. However, the Vietnamese designer who told us he “cannot take this anymore” has come storming back into the marketplace.

The new version of Flappy Bird is no longer called Flappy Bird, the contemporary version has been coined ‘Flappy Birds Family’. Nguyen has made the game compatible with Amazon’s proprietary video game controller and the Amazon Fire TV
remote. Although not on the same multitude of platforms as during its previous success, many fans are hopeful they will see the game return onto the screen of their smartphones.

The new game has been designed to be less addictive, as reported earlier here, while having new features adding additional challenges to the game. We have all developed a collective hatred for those irritating green pillars, additionally we will be given the opportunity to vent our frustration at a new feature and there are now ghosts to contend with.

Despite the game being branded less addictive than the previous addition, the fundamentals of flappy bird have been retained and will drive you senseless when you inevitably fail to attain a score in double figures, plus we now have to fight sadistic ghosts.

The controversial removal of the game from the world’s app stores was one, which no one wanted to see. At its peak, Flappy Bird was grossing $50,000 a day! The new games limited platforms will restrict this revenue, but the game has earned a space in the hearts of almost everyone who is a member of the connected generation and it will incessantly be played by those lucky enough to have a copy.

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