Form2 – A 3D printing marvel from FormLabs yet again

The Form1 3D printer was the first one from FormLabs, a Massachusetts-based company. It was somewhat of a technological marvel capable of amazing feats. Using laser technology and resin, following a curing process, the Form1 could construct models with incredible detail. The Form1 had a few bumps and flaws and wasn’t perfect. However, this time around, FormLabs has hit back with a Form2 that is even better than before. The Form2 is definitely one of the best 3D printers available in the market today.

The Form2 is a stereolithographic printer, according to FormLabs, and is capable of constructing a 3-dimensional model by printing layer after layer and pulling it out of the resin bath. A wiper works simultaneously to aid the printing process. The objects printed are completely solid and the printing process is followed by curing. Alcohol is used for curing the object. There have been many improvements in this area in the Form2 version.

The quality of objects produced by this printer is super and not for the average consumer looking for a regular 3D printer. The curing process is a bit lengthy and requires having some patience, however. A big sink can be used during the curing process to avoid some of the mess created. Even better is the fact that the Form 2 printer’s cartridge can be refilled mid-way a printing process. This can avoid some generic problems of incomplete output in most 3D printers. The Form2 also has wireless connectivity like most modern 2D printers in the market.

The Form2 is a finished product with excellent quality. It cannot be put into the same league as its predecessor as the latter was just a prototype. It has a much more powerful laser to work with and can create objects that are almost 40% larger than the ones Form1 could produce. The Form2 can give shape to any object that you create on your computer. It also comes with PC software and costs about $3,499. Max Lobovsky, co-founder of FormLabs, is of the opinion that the Form2 is “the first professional-quality machine that’s below $10,000.”

This may not be suitable for personal use right now, but hobbyists all across the globe should be excited as producing accurate prototype models at home might not be too far away. Stay tuned for more updates on the Form2…