Friday the 13th: The Long Wait is Over, Release Date Set

Horror titles are a favorite to many and Friday the 13th game is no different. In fact, it’s one of the few hugely-anticipated horror titles of our times.  We’ve all been waiting for this chance to put to death or be put to death on Friday the 13th.

Almost a year and a half later since it launched a Kickstarter campaign and a couple of delays later, we now have an official release date: Friday the 26th may 2017. Came to think of it, Friday the 13th is just half Friday the 26th which means we could be getting a double dose. And if that’s the case, I guess we’ll have to shelve off our complaints on why they couldn’t set a launch date that mimics the game’s title.


As we mentioned earlier, Friday the 13th game is a horror survival game in which you will take the role of Jason Voorhees for the first time or a teen counselor.

You, together with a bunch of six other ill-fated souls, stand at the mercy of a badass killer (Jason Voorhees) whose role is to track you down and put all of you to death. So your role is to use every means possible to escape the killer and survive.

You can as well take the role of Jason Voorhees, the most well-known killer in the title. Go after your prey and ambush them as you wish.  Expect different variations of kills, both new and familiar. You will also be able to unlock different incarnations of Jason from the movies plus enjoy absolutely new interfaces.


Friday the 13th game is multiplayer. It’s up to you to either work as a team in order to escape from the killer or stealthily keep yourself away from Jason. But if you think you got the balls to go toe to toe with Jason, you and your team have the opportunity to do that. But keep in mind this is a really dangerous move and nothing is certain.

Set up

Every little detail of this game is inspired by Friday the 13th Series. It’s designed to take you back to the fresh memories you had while/after watching the Friday the 13th. Even the visual aspects are reminiscent of the 80s.

And just like the Camp Crystal Lake in the series, players in this game will have the chance to survive in a similar setting which comes complete with some kind of a lake, cabins and of course a badass killer whose mission is to put you to death. In total there are three maps: Camp Crystal Lake, Packanack lodge, and Higgins Haven.

Even though it comes without a single player mode, expect to have that as an update this summer.

Friday the 13th  will be released for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC platforms. You will be required to have Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus Subscription if you are using Xbox one and PS4 respectively.

Watch the game trailer below

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