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The Earth in all its beauty has a lot of places worth visiting in one lifetime. However, a world tour might only be possible for the ultra-rich due to the high financial requirements. Thus, a lot of such desires go unfulfilled. But, if you ever had a dream of touring the world then you might have optimistic thoughts after reading this. Georama has developed a virtual reality platform that lets people experience virtual travel that is very close to reality. This virtual tour will comprise of high definition videos and its consumer sites have been launched today at Disrupt’s Startup Alley.

You might have heard of agencies on the internet that organize tours, but Georama offers you something very different. It offers you online virtual tours so you don’t have to go anywhere for it. Founder Nihal Advani is well aware of the tough competition in the online tour agencies business and has therefore come out with an ingenious and unique solution. This method of virtual travel is not only cost saving but also for people who don’t have the time for leisure travel but crave for going on vacations to their dream destinations.

Georama’s B2B platform have varied clients comprising of colleges that wish to provide virtual tours of their campuses to potential students who live far away to hospitals who want to provide their patients with virtual tours to keep them happy. Georama is definitely a convenient and cost effective solution.

Georama’s Android app is taking 360 degrees panoramic images and videos of touring spots using high definition wearable cameras like GoPro etc. What’s even better is that the tours are completely free to watch. However, users need to pay a nominal amount to ask questions and clear their queries or seek information about the tour. This can be compared to asking tour guides to accompany us. Georama, however, is not the pioneer in this field of virtual tours. There have been sites like Arounder, Meerkat and Periscope (apps) that have done this before.

Georama has made special arrangements for people with slow internet connectivity and its low latency technology is perfect for such customers. Its videos are being designed and shot in a way that they become compatible with most Virtual reality headsets in the future. Some guided tours provided by Georama are as follows: New York, San Francisco, Istanbul, Milan, Seoul, Chicago, and Copenhagen etc. Their touring schedules are also available on their website to check.

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