Get full blown android experience on Samsung Galaxy Gear

Samsung Galaxy GearWhen Samsung launch their smart watch Galaxy Gear to be frank I was a little disappointed because it lacked application support. I didn’t see why would any one want to waste money on a costly device which needs a smartphone to pair it with and use. Everyone knew the hardware under the hood of Galaxy Gear is enough to run many applications from android store. Apparently its Samsung who didn’t want users to install applications and use it the way user wants.

Today the team from ArsTechnica posted a video showing how you can install any app you want on Galaxy Gear. The apps which require internet connection might not work properly but other than that and very heavy applications, there are almost no exceptions. If you’re thinking it is only for geeks you’re wrong, the process is very easy and if you’re a Galaxy Gear owner, I think you should try it out.

Here is how to do it:

  • You would need to enable USB debugging on your smartwatch by going to settings menu first.
  • Connect it to the computer and install the required Samsung drivers.
  • Install the app using the command line command using adb.

If you’re not familiar with the command line or the adb stuffs, here is the video which explains how to do it from ArsTechnica:

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