Gold is the new black

samsung-galaxy-s6-25-710x399Nowadays, smartphones are more than the tools we used to have to make calls and send short texts. Those smart devices, not only help us complete numerous additional tasks in our daily lives, but they also represent style. A different design for a different style if you’d like! And if you find that excessive then just try to imagine what percentage of your daily routine you spent using your phone (you would really be surprised). So with all that said, one can easily understand why things like colour, size, curves and edges matter when it comes to reviewing a smartphone.

Samsung is already aware of that and according to the most recent smartphone sales data of the company, gold is starting to gain popularity against black, which was the most common colour until now. Almost one out of four consumers (23%) prefers the Gold Platinum edition of Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. Furthermore, according to data that the company released to the public, stocks in gold colour have already sold out. The same applies for the European markets, something that makes clear the transition of the colour preference from black to gold.

Rory O’Neill, vice president of Mobile in Europe stated: “For many years black and white where the default colours of choice for all the smartphones. However, based on the first information we have received from the market, consumers are becoming more and more extrovert with their colour preferences”.

In addition to all the above, psychologist Donna Dawson explains why the gold colour makes such a dynamic come back: “The colour of the gold represents wealth, high standards, optimism and wisdom. After years of recession and financial austerity we dare to hope again to a better future. We have been expecting the stuff they have deprived us for so long, that we are now looking for gold out of instinct”.

Interestingly enough, many people believe that all that is nothing more than a clever trick to make people turn to the gold colour so the companies can make more money. Of course this lacks the basic element of sense, since there is no obvious reason as to how Samsung stands to make more money by selling a specific colour. It’s not like gold is less expensive than black or white.

Besides all of the above, fashion comes and goes and believe it or not fashion exists even in the world of smartphones. So you can either choose to be in fashion (and next time buy a gold smartphone) or decide that you want to follow your own style. Either way make sure that you are the only one making all the choices that have to do with you!

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