Google Android Device Manager Started Rolling Out

The much anticipated Android device manger which was announced a few days back has already began to roll out. The service will help you track the location of your device and remotely wipe the data in case it was stolen from you.

Since its announcement people have been waiting for the update to come since it was a feature whicn google should ahve been implemented long back. The feature Android Device Manager will be coming as a part of Google Play store. As of now Google has started to roll it out and several reports have surfaced in several android forums saying the update Google Play store 3.2.25 have this feature. Here is a screen shot of the permissions you need for the Android Device Manager to work.

Android Device Manager

Although several people got this update, none of them reported about any apps using which we can control the feature. So its basically useless as of now at least. We will update you when we see an app which will be able to control the Android Device Manager feature, so don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter.


Source: Droid Life

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