Google AntiTrust Case – FTC to Go Against Google

It is looking more and more likely that Google is soon to be the recipient of an anti-trust case brought against them by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

Googlr Antitrust CaseAfter more than a year of investigations and trawling though evidence, it appears that those who govern the FTC have decided that Google needs to be bought back to Earth and become the subject of a case against its own naught activities. Google is accused of illegally using its own internet dominance to hurt the websites and search results of its rivals.

A decision on the direction of this case will be made next month or at the very latest, in early December. Companies such as Yelp and Nextag have been complaining about Google and accusing it of bumping their own results higher than those of other companies. It appears that sectors such as travel and shopping seem to be the areas in which Google is ensuring that its users use their own services as opposed to those of other companies.

Due to the companies having a low ranking on Google, it means that they are essentially forcing these companies to but more and more adverts on Google to improve their visibility and so this means more cash for Google in the long run as well as getting more and more people use their services as opposed to their rivals.

According to sources though, it appears that the FTC has thrown some of the case on the fact that Google refuses to share their data with advertisers. Such data would allow people to compare the value they gain from Google as opposed to other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo.

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