Google Glass Might Come With A $300 Price Tag

Google Glass I am a little bit surprised after seeing the rumoured price tag of Google Glass I must say. The news comes in from Taiwan’s Topology Research Institute and is not official yet. If this rumour is going to be true then Google Glass will get a lot of customers for sure. Considering that the developer edition aka Explorer Edition came with whopping $1500 price tag, this might not be true at all.

Taiwan’s Topology Research Institute estimated the cost by considering the cost of manufacturing the device. They considered the price of all the materials (BOM) for Google Glass. The little projector inside the glass costs around $30 to $35 and is made by Taiwan based Himax Display is an example of what the research institute took into account.

We believe wearable devices will face the first wave of growth in the coming one to three years due to their innovative features, and will then experience a rapid growth in the next phase when the market becomes more mature,” chief Topology Research analyst Jason Tsai said.

Latest rumours says that Google might launch Google Glass by the end of this year. Lets wait until then and find out the real price of the device, what do you say?


Source: Phone Arena

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