Google MVNO Concept

google_mvnoA MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) is a wireless communications services provider. However, it does not own the wireless network infrastructure as it does not have a licensed spectrum of its own. MVNOs usually are involved with lower parts of the market (section with lower income). This allows them to work with cheap fees or prepaid devices. But on the downside they cover smaller areas and don’t have the ability to provide more advanced devices.

It seems now that Google, the colossal company that has already been involved in various fields of technology until now, is trying to get involved in one more with the new, Google MVNO Concept.

The Google MVNO Concept aspires to put Google in the field of data throughput services and give Google some affordability. The rest of the details remain unknown.

Latest information that where released to the public – but still with no official confirmation by Google – suggest that the Google MVNO project addresses more to tablets and less to smartphones. The purpose of that is to give tablet a chance to come with data packages in order to connect to the global web. The general idea behind that is the offering of such package by Google in combination with a provider.

Rumour has it that this service will be provided either free of charge or it will be charged according to the use as an additional program that can be included in a provider’s agreement with the user. Despite the MVNO Concept, Google seems to be trying to enter only the data throughput market and not the telephone services market, as such a move would more likely make the company more than a few tough enemies.

Google named the MVNO Concept  “Project Nova”, a name that we will surely bump into not far from now, so stay tuned to learn all the interesting news.

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